Features of forms for artificial stone

A few years ago, the concept of "artificial stone" in Russia was little known. And about the use of finishing materials made by this technology, few have heard. Но в последнее время изделия из искусственного камня все более широко завоевывают наш

What you need to know about wooden euro windows

The tree was considered to be the best material for construction at all times. It is impossible to even imagine what it would be possible to replace this natural material. Unlike polymers and metals, wood has quite a lot of advantages: good sound and

Check the quality of the new window

Usually, window designs are brought in one day, and mounted the next day. Before signing the act of delivery, you need to make a thorough inspection of the structure. We advise to immediately check these points: external appearance of the product,

Decorative stone do it yourself

Decorative or artificial stone has been used by man for several hundred years. After all, the frozen mortar limestone or brick is also an artificial stone. Today, this material is considered to be the best for interior decoration and design of design

Local ventilation - exhaust and local system

So that the house has an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, you need to put a lot of effort into it, create a unique interior, fill it with pleasant trifles, and of course, do not forget about such an important component as the microclimate in the

Connection of the three-phase electric meter - scheme

Before we consider the question of how to connect a three-phase electric meter with our own hands, we will make a reservation that this is more complicated with three-phase meters than with single-phase meters, where the connection scheme is, in

Artificial stones on the hatches

In modern individual houses, cottages have sewer and drainage hatches protruding above the ground, which give an ugly look to the landscape. For a beautiful arrangement of the territory, all these hatches are masked by various elements, including

How to make a site drainage with your own hands

An important component of any part of the house is its drainage system. Proper drainage is a reliable guarantee that in the event of heavy precipitation, the excess water will not linger and the area for the house will not flood. Incorrectly

Characteristics of cast iron radiators

Sooner or later replacement of heating batteries is necessary. You will be asked what batteries to choose. Fortunately, many radiators from aluminum, steel, copper and bimetallic have appeared on the market. All of them certainly have their

Do-it-yourself window sill installation

The board under the window is fixed below the window opening indoors. For the outflow of water from the wall on which the sill was installed, a dripdrop is arranged below it. Mounted ready-sills after the bottom caps, and sometimes earlier. If the
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