Yard and plot

Features growing cultivators in the garden

Many gardeners like the exotic bleachers very much due to their spectacular appearance, unusual shape, as well as delicate and delicate aroma. As a representative of herbaceous perennial plants, this flower, resembling a heart, is characterized by

Filter for the pool do it yourself

Nothing is more fun on a hot day than swimming in the cool water of a pool. But the quality of water running through water pipes leaves much to be desired. Do not forget that the man himself “brings” into the pool water thousands of microbes that can

Features of forms for paving slabs

Buy a plot of land, build a house on it - this is still half the battle. In order for your country estates to please you, and you would like to spend all your weekends and holidays in the country, it is absolutely necessary to equip the territory of

Pools do it yourself

Often in hot summer you want to plunge into the water, for example, in a river or a lake. But sometimes the reservoirs are located far enough. In such cases, the ideal solution would be a swimming pool on the site. When arranging the pool, it is

How to store beets in the cellar

It’s hard to imagine our life without vegetables. Without potatoes, carrots and onions do not cook a healthy soup. And without the beetroot and borscht never get tasty. It's good that vegetables are always at hand with us, and it seems to us that

Metal fence for fence

Since ancient times, people have tried to protect their territory from outsiders. A wooden fence, a chain-link net, forged fences made their contribution to the fences, and recently this row also added to the metal fence. Metal shtaketnik, как и

How to treat a tree so as not to rot

Wood for many centuries is the most sought-after material in construction and finishing works. Boards, bars, logs and other elements can be found in almost every home, in the country and in various buildings. But the tree has one unpleasant feature -

Creating flower beds in the country with their own hands

For многих country house associated with a place of rest from the city bustle and “communication” with nature. Lie down in the garden, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the delicate aromas of flowers ... A wonderful break from business life.

Garden swing

Garden swing уже давно стали удобным и практичным предметом для загородной дачи или дома. Они впишутся в любой corner вашего сада и, как часть ландшафтного designа, украсят сад вашего дома. Их можно изготовить из подручных материалов в самых

Street concrete flowerpots for flowers

Each owner of a private and country house wants to create a unique landscape design that will please the eye and allow you to highlight the home from the neighbors. To transform the area you can use many different objects. Often, the owners install
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