Metal fence for fence

Metal shtaketnikSince ancient times, people have tried to protect their territory from outsiders. A wooden fence, a chain-link net, forged fences made their contribution to the fences, and recently this row also added to the metal fence.

Metal shtaketnik, как и любой другой строительный материал, имеет ряд своих преимуществ и недостатков. Несложно догадаться, что цель его использования — это ограждение приусадебных участков, школ, больниц или территорий, где ведется строительство нового объекта.

Its low price and high efficiency makes it affordable, people with a minimum income. The life of the metal fence comes under 40 years old where the first 10 years will be warranty. Huge color selection allows you to combine it with any architectural style. Such a fence has all the characteristics that are peculiar to metal.


  • 1 Advantages of a metal shtaketnik
  • 2 Types of metal picket fence
  • 3 Installation process
  • 4 Finally

Advantages of a metal picket fence

  1. Metal fenceThe developer can choose which fence he wants: deaf or open. You can make a choice in favor of transparency, but at the same time security. The site will be visible to passersby, but neither the dog nor the stranger will penetrate it. If you install from two sides in a staggered manner, the area will be completely closed from prying eyes, but at the same time, will be natural air exchange.
  2. Metal shtaketnik can choose any color, size, shape and length. Always dreamed of a 3-meter fence, behind which you will only see the roof of the house, then what's the problem? You can also put such an obstacle in the front garden for your favorite and dear roses. In addition, he is very blends well with a foundation of stone or concrete, with proper imagination it can be combined even with a tree.
  3. Structural strength is achieved through a special profile and new technologies in the production and processing of metal. The design has high rigidity reliability and impeccable appearance.
  4. To make installation of a fence from a metal profile, the person who is far from construction.

This material has one significant disadvantage. Since the fence is made directly from metal, it also corroded. The fence will have to be painted every spring, removing old rust.

Types of metal picket fence

Colored metal picket fenceMetal shtaketnik можно сделать из прутьев или арматуры. Однако просто воткнуть такие прутья в землю не получится, их нужно будет weld to any base and be sure to handle the joints with a corrosion-resistant coating. The rods are installed round or square. For manufacturing, cold-rolled or hot-dip galvanized steel is used. Such technology allows you to protect the fence against corrosion, but only if the galvanization of the fence is additionally carried out.

The metal fence is very popular from profile pipes. Pipes can be used not only with a round, but with a square cross section. Such a fence will be several times safer and more stable than from rods or fittings. For installation, welding is used between the frame and the shaped tubes.

One of the main qualities of a metal picket fence is his low cost. One running meter of a profile can be bought for $ 2. A complete set of gates and wickets can be purchased for 500−600 dollars. Now calculate how much you will give for the same area, but of brick or wrought metal. The price of the metal profile will be different in 8-10 times Of course, you can choose a wooden fence at a low cost, but how much it will stay is a moot point.

If you are not a welder, then shaped pipes can be installed and not welding them together. To install, you will need to make modules, and then hot-dip galvanize, and finish the work at the end. polymer coating.

Installation process

The installation of the metal fence very simple there is nothing unusual about it. If you used to put a wooden picket fence or a netting net, the metal picket fence is installed by the same technology.

  1. Installation of metal picket fenceWe initially need make a frame in order to fasten the picket fence. The basis of the frame will be the columns of a shaped pipe with a size of 60 by 60 mm or 80 by 80 mm. The wall thickness of the column can be a minimum of 2 mm and a maximum of 4 mm.
  2. Pillar that will be serve as the backbone of the framework driven into the ground. To install the pole in the ground, we need to drill a hole with a drill, and hammer the rest of the picket fence with a hammer or hammer. You can just fall asleep the drilled part, or you can just tamp with gravel. Both options allow post stand firm on site, concreting by experienced masters, in general, is not recommended.
  3. To the posts you need weld horizontal lags, to end up with the necessary framework for us. But there is a second installation option - these are galvanized pillars and logs, which are assembled with the help of bolts.
  4. The fence itself is already attached to the assembled frame. When ordering, you can choose a picket fence with a folded and unfold edge. In addition, the picket fence can be custom-made. In this embodiment, each patch is passed through the program camp. In a cheaper version, the fence is cut from a solid sheet of corrugated board. The edges of such a picket fence are raw and have not very aesthetic look but they are very cheap. This type of fence can allow a low-income family.
  5. By coloring the fence double sided and single sided polymeric, and also bilateral polymeric. Powder coating method allows achieve one color on both sides of the fence, and the color may be completely different.
  6. To fix the selected fence is necessary Screws in color in 4 places. Each unit of the fence takes a few minutes, so one team of builders are not able to install more than 50 meters of picket fence per day. Metric area, which can be installed in one work shift directly depends from the gap between the fence. Maximum clearance of 5 centimeters. Such a fence is cheaper and easier to install. You can reduce the gap in increments of 1 centimeter. The maximum clearance offered by metal picket brigades is 8 centimeters, but the profile will be installed in staggered order.


A metal fence is enough new material for fencing its territory, but it has already managed to be loved by many owners of personal plots thanks to low price durability, a huge selection of colors and high aesthetic characteristics. Thanks to these characteristics he gained confidence many people, and his popularity every day is becoming more and more.