Seven fridays

Moscow restaurant "Seven Pyatnits" (Vorontsovskaya str., 6) The interior of the apartment building of the late XIX - early XX centuries, as well as the atmosphere of that time, recreated in the halls of the restaurant "Seven Pyatnits"

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A photo: Dmitry Livshits

Text: Olga Vologdina

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The well-known proverb “seven Fridays in the week” gave the name to the restaurant “Seven Pyatnits” on Taganka (6 Vorontsovskaya st.) The name of the restaurant is also associated with the name Coco Chanel: it symbolizes the fickleness, capriciousness of fashion. According to the legend, the “ascetic” form of the bottle of famous perfumes “Chanel N 5” was prompted by a vial from a sleeping pill, which was bought by her friend in the Vorontsov pharmacy located in the income home of collegiate registrar Fedor Lavrov. Work on the perfume was finished, the perfumer could only think of a vessel. However, the ideas that appeared seemed to Coco Chanel too boring. Once, on an evening walk, Madame Chanel's horse unexpectedly reared, and the horsewoman had to endure the horror of the fall. At home she could not sleep for a long time and asked her friend for a soothing drop. In his bag he found a transparent bottle with a green liquid, which he bought before leaving Russia. When Koko took a rectangular bottle in her hands, she immediately realized that this is exactly what she had been looking for for a long time ... Thus, the rumor forever linked the history of the Moscow mansion with the name of the French designer. Therefore, it is not by chance that the portraits of Koko Chanel herself, stained glass windows with mannequins dressed in toilets of the beginning of the 20th century, fashion accessories of a bygone era have appeared in the design of the restaurant. Dumb interlocutors, they can tell a lot to inquisitive visitors from the history of this truly Moscow home. It was possible to recreate the interior of the profitable house of the late XIX - early XX centuries, to grasp the atmosphere of that time - and that was exactly what the authors intended. They had to work hard, because the restoration and construction work was preceded by a thorough study of archives, historical primary sources, and memoirs of contemporaries. The stucco ceiling was restored, the layout of walk-through rooms united by a long corridor was left unchanged. More difficult was the situation with furniture and household items, which were collected for several months in antique shops, in the ruins, in the familiar. Genuine things have filled the space with the unique spirit that always accompanies antiques. Thanks to them, the interior acquires a visible and quite tangible aroma of the past. Vintage beds, located in each room - an unexpected and piquant interior move. Visitors can not only plunge into the atmosphere of the past, but also literally “taste” it. The kitchen copes with this task excellently: the menu consists of traditional dishes that were once served in old Moscow taverns. And romances and melodies in retro style could not be better contribute to the creation of an informal atmosphere. Measure and taste became the criteria that guided the designers, bringing together such diverse testimonies of the past, which found, by their will, a new haven.