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two-level apartment of 300 m2 in Kiev Passing the gallery Stylist: Angelica Garusova Text: Alexandra Terentyeva A photo: Eduard Stelmakh Project author: Valeria Zavgorodneva Magazine: de Luxe Classic N1 2012 This apartment is

Federico carandini

Интервью с артдиректором компании ITALIAN BALERIES Passing the gallery A photo: Nina Farizova Interview prepared: Nina Farizova Magazine: N5 (127) 2008 Федерико Карандини, a designer by training (he graduated from the Lyceum of Art

Furniture hits 2016: the chair of the egoist

Such models are in demand both in home interiors and in numerous lounge areas. “The Chair of the Egoist” responds to the requests of the metropolis: relax, retreat to yourself, calmly look at the mail, enter the chat, maybe waiting for a flight,

Pokémon go: shoes for gamers

Vixole (USA) has developed a shoe that syncs with a mobile application for Pokémon Go. A feature of the new sneakers will be the presence of an LED display and sensors connected to the gaming software. If a pokemon appears nearby, smart sneakers

Cicilian dialect camoulé matscha

Designer Samuele Mazza (Samuele Mazza) is called a multitalented, modern dandy and a man who never ceases to amaze. In his youth, which came in the 80s, he was successful in the fashion business. In the 90s he lived between Milan and New York,

Friendship of peoples

«Mebelland»: русско-итальянская кухня Passing the gallery Leading headings: Marina Volkova Magazine: N1 (145) 2010 Company «Mebelland» presented at "Interior Show" -2008 unique project of Russian-Italian cuisineThis story has three main

Sl * project: 220 square meters of pure luxury

Alexey Nikolashin (SL * project) created an apartment for a young couple in the House on Mosfilmovskaya. Related: Alexei Nikolashin and SL * project: 12 years and 300 projects “It is extremely important for the customer to find“ his ”architect — one

What is summer?

The decor of the table in bright colors Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Art director of the project: Anna Plotnikova Text: Marina Volkova Magazine: N6 (117) 2007 The answer to this question was the design of our June

From art synthesis

Artkafe M'ARS in Moscow Timofey Abramov, Andrey Rebrov Passing the gallery A photo: Karen Manko Leading headings: Nina Farizova Designer: Timofey Abramov Engineering: Andrey Rebrov Furniture: Alexander Shnyrev Magazine: (Pumping)

On the nuances

This sophisticated interior with soft natural light and asks for Vermeer canvas Passing the gallery Architect: Dilara Erohina Designer: Marina Kocherova Magazine: Decor N3 (191) 2014 This sophisticated interior with soft natural light and asks
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