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Minimum to the maximum

apartment with a total area of ​​92 m2 Tatyana Staschuk Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov Stylist: Anna Subbotina Text: Alexander Steklov Project author: Tatyana Staschuk Magazine: N (98) 2005 Что нужно

Gunnar frank: the x-files

"Trend Researcher" on the principles of creating expositions and color trends of the new season Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N4 (71) 2003 S: What do you think is causing these changes?S: When you say so,

Art deco and classic

two-level apartment (330 m2) in Tolyatti Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya, Nadezhda Dyatchina Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov Text: Nadezhda Nadimova Project author: Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya

Specular light

The eight-room Luxor IMAX cinema is located on the top floor of the MoreMoll shopping center in Sochi. For a long time, the authors were looking for an architectural image of space. On the one hand, it was obvious that he had to be somehow connected

American talents: the future of two continents

Предметные дизайнеры, представляющие Северную и Южную Америку, отмечены maison&objet. Парижская выставка не ограничивает свою программу Францией. Сегодня организаторы maison&objet делают ставку на Сингапур и Майами. Заокеанская сессия в США

On holiday in the forest

московский ресторан "Дрова" Yuri Andreev, Evgeny Miklash Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova Architect: Yuri Andreev, Evgeny Miklash Magazine: N5 (39) 2000 "And where else could a person go from a big

Barcelona design week 2018: three trends

Design Week in Barcelona (Barcelona Design Week, June 5–14) turns the city into the center of one hundred events inspired by local talents and companies. The festival is accompanied by conferences dedicated to general trends in design and decor. One

Golden ratio

two-level apartment with a total area of ​​330 m2 Olga Nekrasova Major sound of the classics in the interior of the apartment, designed by Olga Nekrasova Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Maria Kriger Project author:

Kolkhoze: collection design for all

Design is experiencing great times, as revolutionary as in the 1980s. So say Tom Erbe (Thomas Erber) and his ally Thibaut Van der Berg (Thibaut Van den Bergh), the founders of an unusual gallery Kolkhoze. Related: Fair Nomad: Monte Carlo tour

Student apartment

two-level apartment in Kiev with an area of ​​243 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Alexey Reydalov Stylist: Angelica Garusova Text: Danila Gulyaev Project author: Igor Kapranov Ventilation, air conditioning: Edward
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