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Sharp turn

Any detail of this interior, whether it be a lamp, a door, a fragment of a ceiling, a floor covering or a column, was created according to author's drawings and sketches specially for this house. Passing the gallery Text: Olga

Toilet house to give

Everyone knows what the toilet is for. The oldest of them was found during excavations at the Mohendjo-Daro fortress located in Pakistan. The age of this building, as archaeologists, is 5,000 years old. Today's toilets are not much different from

North venice

The interior of the apartment on Krestovsky Island was created under the impression of the images of two cities at once: St. Petersburg and Venice. Taking the Venetian style as a basis, the author of the project, Vladimir Shkurinsky, combined it with

Mauricio plakucci

The head and founder of SICIS talks about the brightest projects and how he comes up with new collections Passing the gallery Interview prepared: Nikolay Fedyanin Magazine: (114)

Group portrait

Exhibition PORCELANOSA GRUPO in Castellón de la Plana Passing the gallery Text and photo: Andrey Presnov Magazine: N4 (170) 2012 The Spanish city of Castellón de la Plana from January 30 to February 3 hosted the International Exhibition

Smart toys section

Technical masterpieces in the nursery Passing the gallery A photo: Boris Bendikov Art director of the project: Anna Plotnikova Stylist: Julia Krugovova Text: Nikolay Skirda Children: - Arisha Davidova, Masha Plotnikova Magazine:

English roses

Roses in a classic English interior Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Leading headings: Dilara Muradova Magazine: (102) Each of the English styles has its own unique features. But with all of them, roses are ideally combined.


Школьный мотandв в дandзайне Перейтandв галерею Ведущая рубрandкand: Марandна Волкова Magazine: N4 (170) 2012 Крестandкand-нолandкand не только популярная школьная andгра, но and актуальный орнаментальный мотandвВ 2009 году японская

Fur, and only!

Designers finally gave their answer to the question of how to meet the spring. In a fur chair, on fur pillows and, if possible, under a fur blanket. It is better if the wall of your house will also be fur. Passing the gallery Leading

Public council

Meeting of the Public Council Award Passing the gallery Text and photo: Alexey Ermilov Magazine: (113) On November 9, at a round table set at the Nostalzhi restaurant (Chistoprudny blvd, 12a), members of the Public Council decided the
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