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Simple kitchen

Kitchenware and accessories Passing the gallery Leading headings: Karina Chumakova Magazine: N5 (127) 2008

Eurocucina 2016: five new kitchens

An exhibition Eurocucina opens on April 12 as part of iSaloni, a show of the best achievements in kitchen design Leading manufacturers have prepared a preview and copyright news. The kitchens are shown both at the exhibition itself and in showrooms

Art deco. male version

apartment of 140 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Text: Elena Efremova Project author: Михаил Даутов Magazine: N10 (176) 2012 The interior created for the man is a special genre. Everything in it is intended to

Fairy forest

In developing the concept of Disney’s Moscow office, the UNK project architects wanted to create a fairy-tale world atmosphere. Passing the gallery Text: Nina Farizova A photo: Sergey Ananiev Project author: Nikolay Milovidov, Anna

Stefan parmantier: calm luxury

Designer Stefan Parmentier (Stéphane Parmentier, b. 1966) began as a stylist in the fashion industry. In the 1980s and 90s he worked for Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Givenchy, Montana, and then launched his own ready-to-wear line. After that, as it often

Reading rules

apartment of 200 m2 in Moscow Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Olga Korotkova Project author: Tatyana Mironova Magazine: N6 (161) 2011 Apartment for a young woman - the task was formulated for the architect Tatyana

Mario in zhukovka

Restaurant "Mario" in Zhukovka — a new project by decorator Marina Putilovskaya. Passing the gallery A photo: Zinon Rasudinov Leading headings: Nina Farizova Project author: Marina Putilovskaya Magazine: N5 (204) 2015 Restaurant "Mario"

At the forefront

On November 16, just for one evening, in the Petrovsky passage an exhibition of Lladró “Avant-garde in artistic porcelain” opened Passing the gallery A photo: Ольга Короткова, - пресс-служб, Daria Samoilova Leading headings: Daria Samoilova

Personalized silver

December 8 in Moscow on the street. Nikolaev, 4, opened the first Russian showroom CLETO MUNARI Passing the gallery Lead headings: Nikolay Fedyanin Magazine: N4 (104) 2006 December 8 in Moscow on the street. Nikolaev, 4, opened the first Russian

Over the years

Review from XXIX Antique Salon in the CHA Passing the gallery Lead headings: Marina Volkova A photo: Elena Savina Magazine: N4 (159) 2011 Modern collectors differ: one submit Shishkin's paintings and precious Faberge trifles, the other
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