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Alisa volchkova: liquid ceramics

Alissa Volchkova, a French-Russian designer from London, demonstrates ceramics production processes in the Liquid Series collection. Related: Max Lamb (Max Lamb): brutal basalt dishes Among the items in the collection are not two identical. The

Following columbus

Return to the good old style of colonial America Passing the gallery Magazine: Decor N4 (104) 2006 This year we are rediscovering America. We have already passed the passion of American Art Deco, American country music, American loft

Color and flavor

ERNESTOMEDA presented at the iSaloni 2006 exhibition the Z.Island kitchen, designed by architect Zahi Hadid Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Dmitry Dmitrokopulo Magazine: Technolania N7 (107) 2006 At the Milan exhibition iSaloni 2006

Improvisation in the style of blues

two-level apartment with an area of ​​171 m2 Alexander Galkin, Evgenia Mokievets Modern, but "calm" apartment interior, without any shocking elements: what is commonly called "Living for life, and not for show Passing the gallery A photo:

Metal fence

A popular material for fencing the backyard area, garden or just a plot is metal mesh. It is rather wear-resistant, practical, convenient and inexpensive material. Like other types of fences, mesh products are used to mark the perimeter of the

Spring cocktail

What color is the vitamin of joy? The colors of green apple? Lemon yellow? Or maybe cherry? Passing the gallery Text: Maria A photo: Mikhail Stepanov Magazine: N4 (49) 2001 Cocktail "Vitamin" Have you ever wondered why soluble vitamin "C"

Born of revolution

Soviet avant-garde in modern design Passing the gallery Leading headings: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N5 (83) 2004

Living things

house of architect Natalia Guseva Passing the gallery A photo: Mikhail Stepanov Text: Anna Gorbunova Stylist: Nikolay Skirda Architect: Natalia Guseva Magazine: (108) Natalia Guseva - designer-architect. She first graduated from an

The first big film about dieter rams

Film director Gary Hustuit (Gary Hustwit) released trailers that precede the release of a documentary about the career of the great German designer Dieter Rams. Related: Dieter Rams: 10 Good Design Principles The movie called “Rams” is the first

Yacht for sybarite

Daybreak yacht designed by Marc-Michaels Interior Design decorators in Art Deco style Passing the gallery Text: Ekaterina Ivanova A photo: - (c) Kim Sargent/Sargent Architectural Photography Magazine: N6 (62) 2002 Ocean yacht Daybreak fully
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