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The fragrance of luxury

Perfume and jewelry - gifts worth their weight in gold! Passing the gallery Magazine: Gifts N3 (103) 2006

Gates with iron forging elements - photo

Wrought iron gates are just an everyday expression. If we talk about the facts, then forged are only elements that are additionally installed on the gate for decoration. Of course, forged elements make the gate much more beautiful. Iron forging has

In the night forest

apartment of 120 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov Text: Danila Gulyaev Project author: Andrey Gorozhankin Photographer: Sergey Konyukhov Magazine: N4 (126) 2008 Architect Andrey Gorozhankin designed the interior

In the gallery and on the street

From 8 to 16 October, the Sretenka Design Week design festival took place in Moscow. Passing the gallery A photo: - пресс-служб, Daria Samoilova Text: Daria Samoilova Magazine: N1 (167) 2012 From October 8 to October 16, the Sretenka

Path to the podium

центр моды and andнтерьера в Рandге Перейтandв галерею Leading headings: Nina Farizova A photo: Martin Kudryavtsev Architect: Гаральд Шandнделе, Маркус Хandршмюллер Designer: Santa Meykulane, Bajba Ripa Magazine: (125) The new

Half-timbered glass

demonstration house in Petersburg Passing the gallery Leading headings: Nina Farizova A photo: Yuri Ivanov Idea: Sergey Fedotov Architect: Harald Nuremberg, Rainar Patch Construction Manager: Nikolay Antonov Magazine: (140) This

Top faces

Loran creative studio: furniture and creative meetings Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, - the press services Text: Marina Volkova Magazine: N11 (166) 2011 At the booth of Loran creative studio they showed furniture and

Architecture tadao ando: rancho toma ford

Rancho Cerro Pelon is considered one of the largest private estates in the United States. Today it is put up for sale and is estimated at about $ 75 million. Designed by Cerro Pelon in 2010, Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The Pritzker laureate,

City on the palm

apartment with a total area of ​​300 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Ruslan Akunov Interview prepared: Natalya Fedorova Project author: Valeria Maslova Magazine: N5 (182) 2013

Noe dyushofur-laurence: light and crystal

Working with blown glass - the fad of Saint-Louis, a French manufactory with 400 years of experience. In 2017, the oldest glass manufacturer in Europe for the first time introduced a series of lamps, accessories and furniture. The collection was
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