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An evening for luxury connoisseurs

Reception at the Moscow International Salon

In the style of kings

Objects for the interior in the style of Louis Passing the gallery Magazine: Decor N11 (111) 2006 In the apartment under the project Nikolay Baranov there are iconic things - a mirror in style Çippendeylastyle armchair Louis XVChandelier

Tartan day: 10 fashionable checkered items

The Scots are so attached to their traditional ornament that they even dedicated a holiday to it. We made a selection of checkered things to say goodbye to the fall, with which it is associated with us Passing the gallery Magazine: N11

Tatyana smirnova: "italian" apartment in moscow

Architect Tatyana Smirnova brilliantly succeeds in modern interiors. But this project became for her a completely new experience and forced her to step into unfamiliar territory. Bedroom. Baxter bed. The frescoes were made by Marat Ka. “Due to the

Games in lego bjarke ingels

The center of the LEGO company, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), opened in the Danish city of Billund. Impressive LEGO House, with an area of ​​12,000 square meters. m accommodated various entertainment and learning zones. But the most

5 cinemas. home viewing

Let not everyone succeeds in fully becoming the director of his life, but you can always become the owner of your own cinema Passing the gallery Magazine: (202) 2015 Let not everyone succeeds in fully becoming the director of his life, but you

Five stars

In this Moscow office with a total area of ​​28,000 square meters, there are not only working areas and meeting rooms, but also a cinema, a gym, a fitness center and numerous lounge areas for employees to relax. Passing the gallery Text: Nina

Near moscow manor

house with a total area of ​​1147 m2 Перейтandв галерею A photo: Константandн Дубовец Интервью подготовandла: Юлandя Сахарова Стandлandст: Svetlana Kobrakova Project author: Igor Shashkov, Веронandка Шашкова Magazine: (140)

Like silk

A set of linen from thin durable cotton satin weaving. Collection Doge companies VENICE HOME COLLECTION Passing the gallery Magazine: Decor N4 (104) 2006 The set of linen made of thin durable cotton satin weaving is available in several colors:

Glamor glamor

Moscow apartment with an area of ​​165 m2 Passing the gallery Text: Olga Vologdina A photo: Sergey Morgunov Project author: Elena Belkova Magazine: (158) The atmosphere of glamorous luxury reigns in the interior of this Moscow
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