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Worth it. part i

apartment with an area of ​​215 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Olga Korotkova Project author: Мэдиев Architect: Alexey Titov, Alexander Alyapkin Magazine: N5 (171) 2012 This apartment in the center of

Curtains for the living room (100 photos)

In the modern interior of the living room curtains are not only functional, closing the room from the sun and prying eyes, but are an important element in its design. Curtains perform a very difficult mission to become a link between all elements of

By neon avenues

московская квартира общей площадью 60 м2 Karen Manko Passing the gallery A photo: Konstantin Dubovets, Karen Manko Text: Irina Belobragina Architect: Karen Manko Magazine: N5 (72) 2003 In this Moscow apartment the architect acted

Didier gomez

The famous French designer talks about his architectural and musical tastes and how to combine the masculine with the female Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Nikolay Fedyanin Magazine: (102) French designer Дandдье Гомес (Didier

Cristina celestino for sergio rossi

Designer Cristina Celestino (Cristina Celestino) quickly became one of the most sought after authors. It was Chelestino who ordered the atmosphere of the flagship boutique Sergio Rossi in Paris. Related: i Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2017: conversation

High art

Silvano Grifoni and Vittorio Grifoni: andтальянскandе мастера Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov ATедущая рубрandкand: Марandна ATолкова Magazine: N11 (166) 2011 AT "Interior Show" was attended by factories proudly proud of their

Interior of the highest standard

Architect Tatyana Boronina on how to create something more than just an interior for life Passing the gallery A photo: Mikhail Stepanov Interview prepared: Julia Sakharova Magazine: Decor N3 (169) 2012 What is good enfilade? Why

Scandalous news

The creators of SCANDAL showed what happens if you combine furniture design with fashion Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov - from the archives of the press services Leading headings: Marina Volkova Magazine: (136) Creators of

My castle

This castle in Umbria is the most common story: it was bought by a Russian millionaire, and decorated by a celebrity decorator Passing the gallery Magazine: Click (207) 2015 This castle in Umbria is the most common story: it was bought by a

Space effect

London mansion in Mediterranean style Passing the gallery Text: Marina Volkova A photo: Nerida Howard Magazine: N6 (172) 2012 The design bureau sporadicSPACE recently implemented an unusual project in London: a building built under
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