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Young design in the castle of holleneg

Austrian castle Holleneg once a year organizes an exhibition about the international program Schloss Hollenegg for Design to support young designers. In 2018, it is called Legacy. Related: Sarah Richchardi, Arcadia and Austrian Castle Schloss

Picture of the world

Azart Gallery: the picture needs framing Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin, Sergey Morgunov Leading headings: Marina Volkova Magazine: (140) How to create a masterpiece? The answer is known in the Azart Gallery in Moscow: to make

Fish day

The authors of the project of a new fish restaurant FishFusion in Poltava did not become a straightforward approach to the topic. The interior has no vests, anchors, blue and white colors, various nautical accessories. Passing the gallery

No higher than pines

Atlantis restaurant in St. Petersburg Yasya Tsebruk, Sergey Krivosheev Passing the gallery Portraiture: Victor Vasiliev A photo: Peter Lebedev Leading headings: Nina Farizova Concept author: Yasha Tsebruk Architect: Sergey Krivosheev The

Out of time

квартира общей площадью 90 м2 Edward Zabuga Passing the gallery A photo: Zinon Rasudinov Text: Yuri Kagarlitsky Architect: Edward Zabuga Magazine: Na (h) 1996 Guests often come to this apartment. Colleagues of the hostess are

Characteristics of cast iron radiators

Sooner or later replacement of heating batteries is necessary. You will be asked what batteries to choose. Fortunately, many radiators from aluminum, steel, copper and bimetallic have appeared on the market. All of them certainly have their

Bower studio: 3d effect mirrors

Mirrors of strange shapes, large sizes and with a complex coating are in trend. Among the premieres of the ICFF 2017 exhibition are unusual mirrors, invented by the Brooklyn studio Bower. Related: Claudio Larker and Filippo Protazioni: mirrors in

George lucas and his museum

George Lucas - American film director, producer and philanthropist - announced that he was abandoning plans to build his Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago. His team is urgently looking for a new platform for implementing an ambitious project - now

The main thing about the old

XVII Antique Salon in Moscow

By contrast

Plasma panel in the interior Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin, Peter Lebedev, Vladimir Karchin Text: Julia Sakharova Magazine: Technological N10 (121) 2007 Solving the problem of placing a plasma panel in a room, architects are
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