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What to give loved ones for the holiday Passing the gallery

Mapa architects: chapel in the vineyards

Architectural studio MAPA Architects designed a wooden chapel in the vineyards in Maldonado, Uruguay, for the Blessed Virgin, patroness of winemakers. Related: MAPA Architects: a hotel for lovers of Uruguayan beauty Vineyards Sacromonte, where the

Children's slide with his own hands

The most favorite place to play with a child is a children's slide. Probably, only this entertainment helps to throw out all the excess energy, jump from the heart, and also give the baby an unforgettable bright sensations. Children's slide is a

Rolf sachs and restaurant at the dolder grand hotel

Дизайнер Рольф Закс (Rolf Sachs) cтал автором интерьеров ресторана Saltz в The Dolder Grand Hotel. Фешенебельная гостиница в Цюрихе завоевала репутацию ньюсмейкера современной архитектуры и дизайна — ее реконструкцией в 2008 занималось бюро Foster

Home theater viktor nikonenko

Fabulous and at the same time extremely functional furniture by theater artist Viktor Nikonenko Passing the gallery Text: Lyudmila Kryshtaleva A photo: Mikhail Stepanov, Vitaly Nefedov Magazine: (41) 2000 The furniture of Victor

Moscow boutique parcel: about beauty and style

The trendy Parcel boutique occupies a small one-story mansion in Potapovsky Lane, 100 meters from Pokrovka. The interior and brand concept of the space are designed by Adept design studio. Related: Edward Eremchuk: Like Shop in Rostov-on-Don Visual

Address for the celestials

restaurant "Sky" in St. Petersburg Marina Sheyko, Oleg Kovalenko, Alexander Kutlinsky, Yuri Kozlovsky Passing the gallery A photo: Peter Lebedev Leading headings: Nina Farizova Text: Inna Semenova Architect: Yuri Kozlovsky, Oleg Kovalenko,

Red east

Moscow restaurant "Red" Boris Matveev, Elena Franchyan Passing the gallery A photo: Mikhail Stepanov Text: Sonya Oleinik Architect: Boris Matveev, Elena Franchyan Builder: Nikolay Vorobev Magazine: N1 (68) 2003 In the interior of the

Boho chic on the gogol boulevard

A small apartment (45 sq. Meters) in the center of Moscow, designer Renata Kukryakova, Renata Kova, designed in the spirit of the fashion trend of Boho. “The repair budget is minimal, but the creative approach is maximum,” says Renata. - Interior

Step character

Our life goes uphill, now downhill and has a very gradual character, both in the figurative sense and in the direct. Without even noticing it, we walk up the steps of different stairs several times a day. But this material - those stairs, which is
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