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Chinese history

Moscow restaurant "Vertinsky" Stepan Mikhalkov, Sergey Zholobov Passing the gallery A photo: Elena Koldunova Text: Nina Farizova Project author: Stepan Mikhalkov, Sergey Zholobov Magazine: N1 (79) 2004 In 1903, Opozhenka, d. 3, baked

Old new home

Design gallery ALTAGAMMA in Moscow Passing the gallery Leading headings: Nina Farizova A photo: Vladimir Karchin Project author: Valentina Kolesina Magazine: N11 (122) 2007 The house on Prechistenka, in which, after a recent

Design center

Snaidero: reissue of the legend Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov Text: Marina Volkova Magazine: N5 (160) 2011 At the Moscow exhibition in Manezh, factories operating in different directions were exhibited: some produce classic

London in rostov-on-don

house with a total area of ​​450 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Peter Lebedev Text: Oksana Kashenko Project author: Murat Tsaloev Magazine: (113) The interior of this cozy house in Rostov-on-Don was created by an architect

Home to europe

apartment of 140 m2 Passing the gallery

Opera mario bellini (mario bellini)

New Opera Bellini? That's right, the famous architect Mario Bellini (Mario Bellini) continues the sequel “Opera” for the Italian brand Meritalia. Chairs were added to Opera tables and tables. They will be participants in the Milan premiere of the new

Chianti castle

Castello di Tornano Hotel-Castle in Gaiole, Chianti Region: the delightful lack of modernity and the irregularity of the building itself and its interiors Passing the gallery Text: Danila Gulyaev Magazine: N10 (99) 2005 Each region of

Chinese chair mad architects

Китайское бюро MAD Architects во главе с Ма Ясуном спроектировало стул Gu для компании Sawaya & Moroni. Стул был представлен во время Миланской недели дизайна. Related: Mountains and waters of Ma Jansuna Called “Gu,” the chair reinterprets the

Just brilliant!

These things refute the saying “all ingenious is simple” —so they are busy and polysyllabic Passing the gallery Text: Yuliya Sakharova, Marina Volkova A photo: - press services Magazine: de Luxe Classic N1 2013 These things refute the saying

Meet in bari

The south of Italy, the city of Bari ... Here in one of the old mansions is the show room Visionnaire Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Yuliya Sakharova, Nina Farizova A photo: Nina Farizova, - the press services Magazine: N6 (183) 2013
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