How to build your own toilet to give on the street?

Когда на дачном участке появляется дом и забор, наступает пора задуматься о создании и других обязательных удобств. И первым в этом списке стоит установка туалета. После того как владелец определился с местом для него, можно переходить к сооружению

Peat toilets to give

Лето — прекрасная пора. Многие любят проводить это время года на даче. Чтобы отдых не омрачался ненужными неудобствами и проблемами, очень важно иметь такое устройство, как туалет. Однако не все сооружения сегодня способны устроить отдыхающих. TO

Sandwich panel - what is it

In our modern world, technologies are developing very quickly, and now we need to make our homes as warm, durable and easy to build. It is now that all this can be achieved with factory-made sandwich panels. What is a sandwich panel? Sandwich panels

Dry closet for home: the principle of operation and video

Being engaged in beautification of dacha, many owners at some point think about creating a toilet. And today there are many options available: along with the usual cesspool, you can choose a modern compost toilet, which in recent years has become

Polyfoam - characteristics and properties

Polyfoam, is considered one of the most versatile materials in many areas of construction. Foam is used to insulate the walls outside and inside, as well as for the floor, ceiling, facade and many other purposes. The reasons for this widespread use

Country toilet do it yourself

Your family has a summer cottage, and with it immediately a question arose - where to start? The answer to the question of what building to build on it in the first place, suggests itself. In the country can not do without the toilet. Even if in the

How to prepare the surface for plaster

For a strong adhesion of the solution to the surface on which it is applied during plastering, preparation for plastering is required. The surface is cleaned of dust and dirt, and it marks for roughness. The surface is prepared most thoroughly

Construction of houses on the finnish technology

Finnish wooden houses are characterized by high thermal insulation, affordable cost and optimal construction time. Before we consider the stages of construction of frame houses according to the Finnish technology, let us pay attention to the

Choosing a roof

Для скатных крыш используют разнообразные кровельные материалы: медные или стальные оцинкованные листы, металлическую, керамическую или цементную черепицу и т.п. Choosing a roof обычно определяется углом уклона ската всей крыши. Принцип здесь

Profiled or ondulin - which is better to choose?

Ondulin and professional flooring are modern and very popular roofing materials. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below. After reading this article, you will have a fairly clear idea of
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