Children's town to give

PlaygroundEveryone knows about the benefits of fresh air and bright sun for children. This is especially important for small residents of cities. Therefore, caring grandparents try to take their grandchildren to the country at the first opportunity. In addition, it is a good alternative to spending time at the computer. But what to do to make children interested in the countryside? The answer is simple: place a playground on the plot of a country house!

Today it is not so often cottages, which would have been a bright playground. And many gardeners simply do not realize that it is not so difficult to create. There are two options to improve your site with a playground: buy it or make it yourself.

Children's town in the countryWe will consider both options, but first you need to decide what your playground will be like and where you will place it.

So, select the area that will be viewed from all sides and sufficiently illuminated by the sun. It is better if you can see the window out of the window in order to keep your children, especially small ones, constantly in sight. And in order that children really like to spend time on the street, do not be lazy to ask your kids what they want and what kind of outdoor games they like. Depending on their interests, you can make a choice towards sports complexes or grounds with a house, a children's slide or a sandbox.


  • 1 Acquisition of the finished children's town
  • 2 How to make a playground for yourself
    • 2.1 Sandbox
    • 2.2 How to make a house
    • 2.3 Hill
    • 2.4 Swing
    • 2.5 Floor for a playground
  • 3 Video tips on the arrangement of children's towns in the country

Acquisition of the finished children's town

So, if you are ready to install a factory-made playground, feel free to go online and choose any design that will appeal to you and your children. Most stores offer children's playgrounds. from wood or metal sport complexes.

  • The first are represented by structures that include such components as a sandpit, slide, cottage, swing. The cost of them depends on the complexity and is from 30,000 to 60,000 r. Usually, such a complex can, if desired, be supplemented with new details and, thus, expand the site. Due to the presence of sandboxes and slides, a children's playground made of wood can be interesting even for children who have not even turned a year. Wooden parts of the site are painted in bright colors. The metal components are made of stainless materials, which makes the design resistant to any precipitation and weather conditions.
  • Children's metal game complexMetal complexes for summer cottage they are sports simulators in the form of horizontal bars, ladders and wall bars, which can be supplemented with a basketball ring, gymnastic rings, a rope, a children's swing or a punching bag. Children's metal complexes have long service life thanks to the material from which they are made. The strength of the metal makes it possible to use the town without fear for the health of children, since during the exercise of sports such structures will not bend or break.

You can assemble and install the metal or wooden campus yourself, following the instructions. You can also use the services of specialists.

How to make a playground for yourself

The first thing you need to remember when arranging a playground with your own hands is security. Everything from the place of installation to the smallest detail of the design requires careful thought through.

Choosing a place for the town, once again make sure that you can sufficiently watch the children playing. Make sure that the complex is not located in a place where the sun is constantly burning or, conversely, where the earth dries out after a rain for a long time.

Although the playground and involves a set standard fixtures but at each cottage there are unusual objects that can be used. Among them are old tires, logs, stumps from trees that were once felled. A little imagination and all this will turn into a unique playground, playing in which your children will spend an unforgettable weekend.


Children of any age love to dig in the sand, so the playground can hardly do without the sandbox. For children from 2 to 5 years old, it can be made in standard sizes, i.e. 1.7 to 1.7 m.

Sandbox for children with their own handsFirst, using pegs and marking tape, we enclose the area for the future sandbox. Then inside this area we remove the ground with a depth of 30 cm. If desired, the base of the sandbox can be filled up with a layer of sand 5–6 cm high and covered with plastic wrap or ordinary plywood. You can and skip this stage of work, but in this case, the sand over time can mix with the ground.

All wooden materials are processed in several layers. drying oils. To create the corners of the sandbox, we use bars 45x5x5 cm in size. We dig them in to a depth of 15–20 cm and nail them to the boards of the board 150 × 30 × 2.5 cm. From boards of the same size we make horizontal ribs.

Then we paint everything in bright colors. When the paint is dry, pour sand. In order that the sandbox always remains clean and does not become a favorite place for cats, it is better close it overnight.

How to make a house

  • For a wooden house is done timber frame size 50 × 50 mm. Think in advance where you will make the windows. Usually they make at least two. The bottom of the windows should be 50–60 cm from the floor. The door should exceed the height of the child by 20-30 cm.
  • Boards are 2 cm thick on the frame. When the walls are ready, proceed to the creation of the roof. To make it again we make the frame of the bars of the same size. Mount it to the wall with screws and close the boards 2.5 cm thick
  • We check all parts of the house for the presence of sharp corners, then paint the structure.

The hill

Riding from a hill is one of the favorite childhood activities. To build a slide on the playground today is not so difficult. You can make yourself frame and ladder, and the ramp is desirable to purchase in the store. Today, the choice of reliable plastic slopes is large enough. With him the slide can be of different lengths, heights and shapes: straight, helical or in the form of a pipe. The plastic slope will save your baby from injuries and splinters.

Slide for children with their own handsThe framework for the slide is made of a bar with a section of 10 × 10 cm. The surface of the bar is brought to a perfectly smooth state with the help of a planer. You can connect the timber from the top and bottom hardwood planks with a cross section of 2.5 × 10 cm. For the manufacture of a staircase, two bars are attached to the frame at an angle of 45 °. They are then nailed support blocks for the stairs. The support bars will hold steps, so the distance between them should not be large, it will depend on the age of the children.

To mount the slides again set at an angle guide bars. On them parallel to each other fasten bars with a section of 4 × 4 cm. They will later be covered with a plastic ramp, which is fastened according to the instructions.

At the final stage we process all wooden elements of the slide. protective composition to prevent damage from moisture. And again we check the design for the presence of sharp corners and dangerous places. If the hill is high - be sure to make railings that will protect children from falling.


Swings are installed at the last moment. Think before the construction site, where you can install them in such a way that the swinging child could not hit other children. Decide where to go beamto which the swing will be attached.

The swing seat can also be bought or made by yourself:

  • In the first case, you will get a bright and durable plastic product that you attach to a rope or chain prepared for the occasion. It can be a wooden painted and varnished seat, usually sold with a finished rope.
  • In the second case, you will have to dream and create yourself. The main thing in this business is to make the seat comfortable. It is best to make it from wooden planks with a cross section of 20 × 40 mm and a length of 50−60 cm. The back of the swing is made of boards with a cross section of 30 × 100 mm. And the seat and back are attached to the bars, the length of which corresponds to the width of the swing and back.

The finished seat is attached using rope or chain to the prepared beam.

Floor for a playground

Floor for a playgroundWhen the main elements of the town are ready and installed, you can do floor covering. The simplest and most inexpensive option would be to sprinkle it with sand or gravel. But in this case, over time, the sand will be throughout the country, and the pebbles will be scattered around. The most practical option in this case will be a soft modular coating, with which the child will receive a minimum of damage when falling. Such a coating will easily survive the winter and precipitation, especially if you choose material from Russian manufacturers, designed for our climatic conditions.

Thus, regardless of which option for arranging the dacha children’s town you have chosen (ready-made or made with your own hands), the main thing is that children should like it. BUT bright island in the fresh air among the greenery will be for them not only an island of happiness, but also an ornament and a highlight of your entire summer cottage.

Video tips on the arrangement of children's towns in the country