Check the quality of the new window

Usually, window designs are brought in one day, and mounted the next day. Before signing the act of delivery, you need to make a thorough inspection of the structure.

We advise to immediately check these points:

  • external appearance of the product, for the presence of damage to the protective film;
  • reliability of welds processing;
  • there is no damage in the glass;
  • the number of glasses in the glass. For two-chamber 3 glasses, one-chamber 2 glasses. This is done just to the glass you need to bring a lit lighter or a match and by the number of reflections, you can see how many glasses, while you need to look from the side;
  • Is the order as you wish? check configuration.

If you didn’t keep track of these moments when you made a contract, then only blame yourself. After all, the performer makes only what is written in the annexes and the contract.

Second phase. Watching for installers

It is necessary to pay attention to how installation of windows will be made. Intentionally or not, fatal mistakes can be made here. But a high-quality installation for 70 percent determines the sound and thermal insulation properties of the structure, and its durability.

The main stages of installation work:

  • control measurement of the finished product and window opening;
  • elimination of obsolete windows;
  • preparation of the window opening using a horizontal level and a vertical plumb;
  • preparation of mounting holes, mounting anchor plates, removing dust and dirt;
  • installation of a new window;
  • impermeability between the wall and the joints (sealing);
  • installation of slopes, outflow and window sill.

Upon completion of the installation, the signing of the act of acceptance. A more detailed check of the windows is carried out: whether the assembly seams are neatly done, whether there are no damages on the plastic surfaces, and whether bubbles with foam are observed outside or inside. Check the ease of opening the valves.

Signs of a badly installed window

Unfortunately, a visual check of windows for the quality of the installation is not always possible. But there are several signs with which you can determine not high-quality installation:

  • jamming the window when opening or closing it;
  • loose closing of the window;
  • slack flaps;
  • there are gaps and cracks between the wall and the frame;
  • insufficiently rigid fixing of the window in the opening.

When detecting substandard signs of installation, you need to make a complaint to the company with careful indication of all faults. The acceptance certificate should not be signed until they are eliminated.