What you need to know about wooden euro windows

The tree was considered to be the best material for construction at all times. It is impossible to even imagine what it would be possible to replace this natural material. Unlike polymers and metals, wood has quite a lot of advantages: good sound and heat insulation, increased accuracy with a small mass of volume, the possibility of repair, high resistance to freezing, environmental safety and refinement of natural material.

The main advantage is the accuracy of the tree. Large demands are placed on insect damage, on permissible inclinations of fibers, knots, and cracks. In the manufacture of windows are mainly used coniferous wood, and oak is traditionally used from hardwood.

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Wooden euro windows are mainly made from pine in the northern regions. After all, the impenetrability of such wood is one and a half times larger than that of ordinary pine. Pine from the regions of the north has great resistance and durability to putrefactive and fungal lesions. Its main feature is a small length of branches.

For larch, good structure, color and strength are typical. Due to the excellent combination of increased resin and density, it is considered the leader in resistance to decay, and is almost not exposed to insects.

Oak is a common valuable breed, with wood having high strength, hardness and resistance to decay. Given the large number of shades of oak wood (from light to greenish-brown hue), elite wooden eurowindows, it is possible to choose at will.

In modern times, wooden windows are made on high-quality equipment using the latest technologies. That allows you to make a great view of windows for any style, get a variety of colors blocks of windows, create a variety of forms (from the form with right angles to intricate arch mechanisms).

Wooden eurowindows, due to the use of modern technologies, are leaders in particular indicators: heat saving, long service life, noise protection, moisture and airtightness, and fire protection. Basically appreciate the dignity of the windows of wood can hostess. These windows do not need constant painting and gluing, they are easy to open in any weather, always providing fresh air in the room, as well as they are easy to clean.