Roman holiday

Italian style in your home Passing the gallery A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov Leading headings: Yevhen Shuer Makeup and hairstyles: Andrey Loos Model: Oksana Malenko Magazine: N5 (116) 2007 Other times are no less attractive than other

Happy together

Mobile electronics - items to admire Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov Leading headings: Evgenia Shuer Model: Oksana Geppener Magazine: N10 (121) 2007 The idea that girls are not very friendly with technology is no longer

The conversation straight

Architectы комментandруют предметы для ванной Перейтandв галерею A photo: Sergey Morgunov Leading headings: Elena Efremova Magazine: N5 (116) 2007 Речь пойдет о предметах, которые, по мненandю архandтекторов, andдеально подойдут для ванной

New generation

Eurocucina 2010 in Milan

To the shores of the english channel

Interior with the spirit of Normandy Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Text: Julia Sakharova Magazine: Decor N5 (160) 2011 To convey in the interior of the cabinet the spirit of Normandy, the architect Julia Nesterova used the Ecru


Gifts for children

Half a tone higher

Aged, respectable interior in a classic style, with a complex color scheme consisting of halftones and subtle color transitions, was a reflection of the inner world Passing the gallery Text: Olga Vologdina A photo: Zinur Gaydanov Project


Школьный мотandв в дandзайне Перейтandв галерею Ведущая рубрandкand: Марandна Волкова Magazine: N4 (170) 2012 Крестandкand-нолandкand не только популярная школьная andгра, но and актуальный орнаментальный мотandвВ 2009 году японская

Echoes of the past

рижское кафе "Velvet" Andis Silis Интерьер кафе Velvet, созданный с помощью декоративных приемов, напоминающий об утонченном времени 20-х годов Европы Passing the gallery A photo: Eugene Luchin Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova Architect: Andis

Declared value

Architect Rafael Portuondo and designer Beatrice Pyla-González designed a neoclassical villa in Miami that houses a magnificent art collection assembled by the owners Passing the gallery Text: Anastasia Shestakova A photo: - Carlos Domenech
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