Leaning tower

"Unstable" interior items Passing the gallery Leading headings: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N11 (100) 2005 Will fall - will not fall? Will fall - will not fall? Now you can guess how much you want, looking at your own leaning tower of

Behavior rules

Restaurant “Rules of Conduct” in St. Petersburg Passing the gallery Text: Nina Farizova A photo: Ivan Sorokin Project author: Dmitry Ugolkov Magazine: N5 (149) 2010 In a new restaurant in St. Petersburg just want to go because of the name.

Black and white movie

apartment in the center of Moscow (95 m2) Alexey Dolgov, Olga Lepetiukhina The interior of the apartment, decided in the style of black and white photographs. Purity of lines, simplicity of their mutual intersection in space Passing the

Agata ruic de la prada

Design in the spirit of touching naive and fantastic costumes Spaniard Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Passing the gallery Text: Lyudmila Kryshtaleva Magazine: N5 (50) 2001

Dining room: from table to chair

New models of German premium furniture Hülsta Passing the gallery Table T70 и стулья S500 Table T70 и стулья S500 The dining area is the heart of any home and a place for spiritual conversations, fun games with children and friends, work, leisure

Anna pavlova

the apartment of the decorator Anna Pavlova on the Patriarch's Ponds (Moscow) Anna Pavlova Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova Project author: Анна Павлова Magazine: H (76)

Golden art deco

apartment with a total area of ​​132 m2 Vitaly Boldinov, Tamara Lobzhanidze Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Julia Sakharova Stylist: Evgenia Shuer, Ella Abushkevich Architect: Vitaly Boldinov Decorator: Tamara

Much does not happen

Fashion on a limited edition Passing the gallery

Country romance

two-roomed flat Passing the gallery Text: Lyudmila Kryshtaleva A photo: Eugene Kulibaba Project author: Tatyana Mkhitaryan Magazine: Na (157) 2011 At first glance it is clear that the interior of this unusual apartment is made by a very

Test drive

Go! - car and accessories for her Passing the gallery Magazine: Gifts N3 (103) 2006
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