The whole world is a theater

restaurant "The Sixth Corner" (St. Petersburg) Gala Filatova, Vlad Isaev, Frol Frolov The extravagant interior of the restaurant "The Sixth Corner", decorated in the spirit of the 70s Passing the gallery A photo: George Shablovsky Text: Olga

75 photos of easter home decorations ideas

One of the biggest Christian holidays is the Resurrection of the Lord or Easter.He is associated with spring, the awakening of nature after a long winter sleep and fertility.In Europe and the USA, houses are traditionally decorated for Easter no less

Hand crafted sound

Acoustic systems Stradivari Homage from SONUS FABER Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Rustam Sabirov Magazine: Technological N10 (88) 2004 This translates from Latin the name of the company SONUS FABER, which introduced its new

Heavenly vertical

two-level apartment in Yekaterinburg Author: Dmitry Pozarenko Magazine: de Luxe Modern - Volume III 2013 Modern Luxury Living Room New magazine is now available!

About the loft and not only

В современной высотке архитектор Yuri Filatov создал интерьер с элементами индустриального дизайна Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Olga Vologdina Project author: Yuri Filatov Magazine: (217) 2016 В современной высотке

Poetry of the lake school

From 26 to 29 April, the 23rd annual exhibition Proposte took place in the Italian town of Cernobbio. Passing the gallery Magazine: Click (207) 2015 From 26 to 29 April, the 23rd annual exhibition Proposte took place in the Italian town of

Toy kingdom

Christmas decorations from famous designers and famous companies Passing the gallery Leading headings: Elena Prytula Magazine: N1 (57) 2002 Decorating a Christmas tree is the most fun and exciting activity on the eve of the New Year

Manege square, №1

15,000 visitors, 25 events, 34 award ceremonies Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits, Sergey Morgunov Text: Oksana Kashenko Magazine: Na (124) 2008 From 13 to 17 November in Moscow, in the Manezh, in the framework of the 19th

Number one

apartment of 205 m2 Author: Tatiana Boronina Magazine: de Luxe Classic N1 2011 №11 (242) 2018 New magazine is now available!

Cologne furniture fair

The annual exhibition of furniture. Stands of factories in Germany and Northern Europe. Major trends in furniture design Passing the gallery
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