Sven frise

As you know, the Germans are practical and pragmatic. And those responsible for sales — as is the case with Sven Frieze — even more so. However, about the kitchens of his charges — the factory of Leicht — he tells inspiredly how a poet Passing the

New robinsons

Everyone has withdrawn from the spot: the organizers of the Paris exhibition Maison Objet, who decided to conquer Asia and America, are trendsetters who are looking for a place where no human foot has gone: whether on earth or in heaven. This path is

Loft on the moscow river

two-level apartment (280 m2) in Moscow Passing the gallery Text: Julia Sakharova A photo: Zinur Razutdinov Project author: Dmitry Bykov, Dmitry Korshunov, Марина Кийко Magazine: N10 (143) 2009 Office Architects "DIA" transferred the

Geometry of rest

apartment with a total area of ​​195 m2 Yulia Mikhailova, Alexander Kutsenko Passing the gallery A photo: Oleg Parfenov Text: Nadezhda Nadimova Architect: Alexander Kutsenko, Yulia Mikhailova Builder: Oleg Kovalevsky Textile: Elena

After minimalism

interior VIP club "A-Elite" in St. Petersburg Dmitry Sharapov Passing the gallery Text: Olga Gvozdeva A photo: Peter Lebedev Leading headings: Nina Farizova Project author: Dmitry Sharapov Painter: Alexander Kondurov, Pavel Obukh

Classic on the podium

Salon "Interiors Torchetti" (Ekaterinburg) Anatoly Kushmanov Passing the gallery Leading headings: Nina Farizova Stylist: Eka Frampol A photo: Aleksey Naroditsky Architect: Anatoly Kushmanov Decorator: Irina Kosolapova Magazine: (102)

Gothic story

двухуровневая квартира общей площадью 360 м2 (Москва) Natalia Akhmerova Passing the gallery A photo: Zinon Rasudinov Text: Nikolay Fedyanin Project author: Natalia Akhmerova Magazine: N (98) 2005 When you get into this interior,


Birds on vases and lamps, on cups and caskets ... Passing the gallery Magazine: Decor N4 (104) 2006 Birds on vases and lamps, on cups and caskets ... The choice is wide - from zoryanka to parrots.

Water area

Pools - a unique element, which removes the antinomy of nature and culture. Design solutions that create the illusion of the natural environment or are organically combined with it Passing the gallery Leading headings: Elena Prytula

Strictly manly

apartment with a total area of ​​112 m3 in Moscow Andrey Rudakov, Lyudmila Odintsova, Rostislav Krivenko Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Stylist: Alexey Onishchenko Text: Aleksandra Stepin Architect: Lyudmila Odintsova,
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