Gentleman's set

English cabinet Passing the gallery Leading headings: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N10 (99) 2005 In the office of a true English gentleman, everything should be fine: the table, the chair, and the paperweight ...

Color of paris

Art Director of the George V Hotel in Paris Jeff Litem is inspired by Flemish art and crystal of the Art Deco era. The floral compositions created by him set off the formal interiors and complement them better than any other decor. Passing the

Most expensive

Famous people about what is most valuable for them in the interior. Passing the gallery Interview prepared: Nikolay Fedyanin Magazine: Platinum World Magazine There are expensive watches, expensive cars, expensive homes. But there

In the attic

apartment of 132 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Zinon Rasudinov Text: Olga Vologdina Architect: Ekaterina Movchan, Olga Kirpicheva Project Manager: Evgeniy Polyantsev Magazine: N11 (155) 2010 A hundred years ago, in this attic in


Moscow apartment with an area of ​​249 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Olga Ilinskaya Project author: Anna Osipova, Елена Лукинская, Павел Добрушкин Magazine: N4 (159) 2011 Apartment for newlyweds - a

Celestial games

салон красоты "Upgrade" Valery Kalyuzhny Игра с пространством, расширение его за счет оптических эффектов - отправная точка концепции интерьера салона красоты "Upgrade" Passing the gallery A photo: Leonid Nosovich Text: Olga Vologdina

A turning point

Lithuanian architectural bureau Devyni Architektai managed to fulfill the dream of the customer and build a laconic house where everything is subordinated to strict geometry Passing the gallery Text: Elena Efremova A photo: Arunas

8 ways to beautifully pack new year's gifts

Roads are not a gift - attention is expensive.And often the degree of this very attention is determined by how your gift was presented.We are offering to you 8 cool ways to pack New Year's giftsthat will transform any, even the most symbolic,

Multicolored perfection

ART TRADING CONTRACT office in Moscow Passing the gallery

Light moments

Euroluce 2009 Passing the gallery
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