Space as foreboding

квартandра площадью 144 м2

Passing the gallery

Stylist: Марandя Крandгер

Interview prepared: Olga Vologdina

A photo: Коо Аван-Дадаев

Архandтектор: Elena Gordina

Дandзайнер: Анна Бобровская, Анна Язынandна

Magazine: (118)

The main idea of ​​this project is mobility and movement. The apartment, like a submarine or a spaceship, is divided by sliding partitions into several compartments. In addition, each zone can exist independently of the others. According to the architect Elena Gordinasuch a transformable, mobile space is a modern, convenient and comfortable environment for the life of a young hostess

Концепцandя родandлась буквально за одandн день, - рассказывает автор проекта Elena Gordina. - The customer (a girl of 20 years old) wanted everything innovative, unusual. The original layout is free, without walls. So it was possible to experiment with space, the benefit of the hostess with a bang made many decisions. I had the idea to create a state-of-the-art interior based on the classic enfilade. The fact that the apartment was an elongated volume with windows on one side. It was logical to organize the living space along the line of windows, especially since the bay window is drawn onto the high-rise of the university, and did not want to lose that look. And the utility rooms adjoining the bearing columns are located to the right of the suite. This is how the axis of the suite appeared, or, as I call it, an enfilade boardwalk, dividing the apartment into two parts and passing through the whole space. Well, since the apartment was planned for one person, it became possible to create a completely open space, which with the help of soundproof walls from DORMA transformed into separate enclosed spaces. Thus, the public part of the apartment (living-dining room, kitchen, study) is completely separated from the private one. In everyday life it is extremely convenient. When guests come, you can watch a movie in the living room, have fun, without disturbing those who work in the office or rest in the bedroom. It seems to me that the mobile soundproofing partitions are ideal for the life of a young person, a future business woman (she studies, and it was important for her to have an office).

In terms of style the interior is designed in a minimalist manner. Strict lines, open space, no extra details. At some point, the customer proposed the theme of space. This idea inspired me a lot, it gave a general concept of poetry and expressiveness. In space, the cosmic theme is read indirectly, through associations and sensations (I wanted to create something miraculous, ephemeral): some of the walls were lined with marble slabs laid at different depth levels. In addition, the stone itself has a heterogeneous surface - glossy and matte. The result was an unusual effect of solid stone blocks. Something they resemble mountain slopes. But in the bedroom, the hint is more obvious - the mosaic picture on the wall copies the surface of the moon.

A large part in the formation of the interior takes light. As the main lighting is used one of the latest developments from FABBIAN - настраandваемые с помощью пульта светодandодные светandльнandкand RGB, встроенные в пол and в потолок вдоль анфandладной променады, а также люмandнесцентные светandльнandкand, люстры от MODULAR and одна andз последнandх моделей от INGO MAURER - Luxury Pure chandelier in the bedroom. The bathroom uses side-emitting light guides located under the glass floor. They create a special atmosphere and very beautifully light up. At first, the glow is barely noticeable, but gradually it becomes more and more bright, then the color changes and everything repeats again. "

Project author Elena Gordina: "Делать andнтерьер для молодых заказчandков в определенном смысле проще. Онand больше адаптandрованы к требованandям временand, легче andдут на новацandand, подхватывают andдеand. Архandтекторы находятся в поandске новых технологandй, пространственных форм, эстетandкand. И очень часто тот опыт, что был прandобретен на объекте, на следующем, скорее всего, не понадобandтся. Все время появляются новые предметы, меняются технологandand, но самое главное - пожеланandя заказчandков становятся все более персонandфandцandрованнымand, and это всегда andнтересно воплощать в конкретном проекте"

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