Queen of flowers

The famous perfumer Jean-Claude Erena created the inspired Rose Rose Poiveree composition - "Pepper Rose" Passing the gallery Magazine: Decor N4 (104) 2006 This is without a doubt a rose. The famous perfumer Jean-Claude Hérens (Jan Clode Herena)

Details for the uninitiated

apartment with a total area of ​​65 m2 Michael Tereshchenko Passing the gallery A photo: Zinon Rasudinov Text: Leonid Zubarev Architect: Mikhail Tereshchenko, Antonina Sosnovaya Builder: Alexander Fire Magazine: N4 (5) 1995 In

To not hurry anywhere

rustic country house Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Interview prepared: Julia Sakharova Project author: Nadezhda Chernigov Magazine: Decor N9 (175) 2012 Architect Nadezhda Chernigov, the author of interiors in

Ordinary miracle

New Year's accessories collection. Passing the gallery Leading headings: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N1 (79) 2004 Planned happiness does not happen, which can not be said about miracles. Every year at exactly the appointed time - at

Hearts & roses: thorns and dreams

Who said that decorating your home with symbols of love is tasteless? Hearts and roses flourished in today's design Passing the gallery Leading headings: Elena Prytula Magazine: (70) Hearts and roses, full of color in today's design, can


Images of people as a decorative theme Passing the gallery Leading headings: Marina Volkova Magazine: (147) Are you lonely? Design will not get bored: furniture and accessories are increasingly decorated with images of

Creative workshop

Moscow architectural studio "Labyrinth" architectural studio "Labyrinth" Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Leading headings: Julia Shaginurova Text: Anna Vergasova Magazine: N11 (67) 2002 The premises of the Moscow architectural

Late flowers

Photosession in the estate Polenovo Passing the gallery Leading headings: Dilara Muradova A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov Magazine: N11 (89) 2004 After filming in Gorki and Kolomna, Kuskovo and Arkhangelsk, we decided not to stop there and

Just like people

The best furniture for home cinema Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova Magazine: Technol. N10 (99) 2005 She always had legs and arms, and now she also had “head”, “neck”, “torso” - furniture for our cinemas is

Office games

Furniture and accessories for the office Passing the gallery Leading headings: Karina Chumakova Magazine: (113)
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