Creation day

Statues and sculptures are able to breathe life into the interior, give it personality and charm Passing the gallery A photo: Ivan Sorokin, - the press services Magazine: N11 (188) 2013

In the rhythm of the metropolis

apartment in Moscow Passing the gallery A photo: Konstantin Dubovec Stylist: Olga Roslova Text: Andrey Presnov Project Manager: Konstantin Utkin Magazine: N6 (150) 2010 This apartment is for the metropolis and for a person

8 months of summer

Коллекция экзотической мебели известного французского дизайнера Jeremiah Abelia Nowa Passing the gallery Materials prepared: Dilara Muradova Magazine: N11 (67) 2002 In early autumn, for the first time in Moscow, a collection of exotic

History vatel

restaurant Vatel in Yekaterinburg Passing the gallery Leading headings: Nina Farizova A photo: Eugene Kulibaba Stylist: Julia Nikolaeva Idea: Valery Laurent Architect: Vladimir Novikov Magazine: N11 (133) 2008 And the author

Higher, higher, lighter ...

Floor lamps as on selection Passing the gallery Leading headings: Karina Chumakova Magazine: N11 (122) 2007

Bound by one goal

The wrought-iron chair of Vladimir Usoltsev from Petrograd is the author's interpretation of the theme of modernity, “played” in the manner of today's minimalist fashion Passing the gallery Text: Vasily Lifanov A photo: Dmitry Revnivtsev

For sweet

The name of the Viennese hotel Sacher brings to mind the cake of the same name. No wonder: the hotel was opened by the son of the pastry chef who invented this famous dessert Passing the gallery Text: Marina Volkova A photo: - hotel

Mediterranean in moscow region

загородный дом (500 м2) в Подмосковье Irina Melkova Passing the gallery A photo: Maxim Roslovtsev Interview prepared: Nadezhda Nadimova Stylist: Yulia Klochkova Project author: Irina Melkova Textile: Natalya Gurevich Magazine:

Mystery of the madrid court

Interview with Spanish architect, designer and decorator Maria Ginot, for 25 years engaged in the creation of VIP class interiors Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin, Juan Manuel Lopes-Vivas Text: Natalya Sedyakina Magazine: (41)

All color

Cheerful dishes for the summer interior Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov Leading headings: Evgenia Shuer Magazine: N6 (84) 2004 Orchids bloom on plates and cups, fruit vases are transformed into exotic
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