Hearts and roses in the city of dostoevsky

women's clothing store "Mystery" (St. Petersburg) Alexandra Tartakovskaya

Passing the gallery

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Text: Anna Vergasova

Designer: Alexandra Tartakovskaya

Magazine: N4 (71) 2003

On the gray facade of the St. Petersburg house glow pink windows. Inside - unevenly painted walls, golden curtain, silk flowers. Motley hairpins, hats and scarves are laid out on the shelves of the snag fireplace ... The new Mystery women's clothing store (3 Fisherman’s Street) looks like a giant bonbonniere. A box full of girly jewels: beads, rags, funny photos and hearts of all possible sizes, from any material - wire, bead, cast iron. Designer Alexandra Tartakovskaya and store owner Polina Dolgova created this girlish paradise with obvious pleasure, lovingly selecting details, carefully combining them with each other: Italian lamps from the flea market and wrought-iron furniture, pink screens and fittings and gilded angels. There can not be traditional commercial equipment: the counter has nothing to do in the green living room, especially in a pink boudoir. The main and most spectacular design move was presented to the girls by the city - this is a sharp contrast between the picturesque monochrome of old Peter and the colorful ramp in the store space. The feeling is touching, almost aching.