Luca skakketti

Studio of the famous Italian architect Passing the gallery Interview prepared: Olga Korotkova A photo: Ivan Sorokin Magazine: N1 (156) 2011 Book of works by an Italian architect Luke Skakketti (Luca Scacchetti) is called “The

Time checking

This interior in a modern-respectable style is the result of the cooperation of architects Konstantin Novikov and Andrey Yudin and their regular customers. Passing the gallery Text: Olga Vologdina A photo: Ivan Sorokin Project author:

Fantastic dream

In this purely individual matter, such as choosing a bed, it is difficult to give a recommendation that is applicable in any situation, but for those who have just begun the search, we have good advice and three dozen beds that will ensure you an

Tendence colors

The famous Tendence Fair - one of the main international accessories exhibitions - traditionally held at the end of August in Frankfurt Passing the gallery Text: Oksana Kashenko Magazine: N10 (55) 2001 Каждый год в конце августа

Ekaterina movchan

The best memory of a person is his work. In the case of an architect, these are embodied objects. For 20 years, Catherine has created many bright architectural and interior projects in Russia, Austria, Italy, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates,

Morpheus is resting

A variety of design options for bed linen allows you to sleep with pleasure in any stylistic context. Passing the gallery A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov Materials prepared: Yevhen Shuer Magazine: (81) 2004 Have you heard about

Experimental classic

Moscow apartment with an area of ​​69 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Evgeny Luchin Interview prepared: Oksana Kashenko Project author: Alexander Kozlov, Galina Shashkova Parquet works: Anatoly Popov The painting: Polina Drozdova

Magic of gold

The duet of Natalia Smorgonskaya and Anna Belyaevskaya presented a modern look at art deco style. Designers created a spectacular and expressive interior for a young family. Passing the gallery A photo: Ivan Sorokin Interview prepared:

The best

house with a total area of ​​2000 m2 Passing the gallery A photo: Dmitry Livshits Text: Olga Vologdina Idea: Tatyana Mironova, Ivan Mironov Magazine: N10 (154) 2010
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