To the shores of the english channel

Interior with the spirit of Normandy

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: Decor N5 (160) 2011

To convey in the interior of the cabinet the spirit of Normandy, the architect Julia Nesterova used the Ecru gamut, an old-style stove and metal accessories

SEA THEME in the interior of the cabinet, coarse metal accessories are set - a chest, a flask. (It is important that there are no too direct associations, such as ship models.) To support it, you can add lights with steel bases (as here). Gracefully completing the Normandy seaside theme, you can use the armchair in the style Louis XV and paintings in the spirit of Georges Braque.

FOR STYLE PROVENCE characteristic ecru gamma - shades of ivory, flax and unbleached cotton. The main thing is that there is no pure white color, it will break the given style. The texture of the tree should shine through the layers of paint (in this case it is a characteristic pattern of larch wood).