Furniture in trend slim & bold

The combination of upholstered sofas and armchairs with deliberately delicate designs looks innovative and very fresh. Playing thin and thick promises a lot of opportunities for decorators for spectacular comparisons. At the imm cologne 2016, editors

Cosmic gold: a new look at eternal metal

Lux is always looking for new looks. And gold is one of the win-win substances that helps it change its role. Instinctively, consumers belonging to different cultures, countries and continents, trust gold as a guarantor of high prices and

Studiopepe: sottsass and ceramic twist

The collection of ceramic tiles Refin Ceramiche was created by designers Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto, studiopepe bureau. Related: Note Design: Wicker Tiles The tile exactly imitates the fabric: not only the characteristic weave pattern,


During Milan Design Week (April 17-22), INTERIOR + DESIGN magazine announces a contest for the best exhibition report posted on social networks. The prize is the publication of the best publics on the site with the transition to personal social

Kelly behun: the 92nd floor of new york

Exclusive offer on the market for luxury real estate in New York: penthouses in the skyscraper 432 Park Avenue. One of them designed Kelly Behun. Related: Penthouse Sting in Manhattan for sale The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Central

Donald trump: a 30 million mansion

November 8, 2016, the President of the United States announced Donald Trump, the leader of the Republican Party. A big businessman, president of the building alliance, founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, specializing in gaming and hospitality,

Am group competition: from kenya to morocco

AM Group summed up the Rational Italy competition and rewarded the winners with a trip to Africa. The main prize was given to designers who presented the best bathroom designs: Ekaterina Ignatova, Irina Miskun, Alena Chashkina, Alexey Belyanin,

Festive lunch with bompas & parr

Фуд-дизайнеры Сэм Бомпас и Гарри Парр вместе играли в школьном оркестре, а теперь выступают дуэтом на гастрономических шоу. Пищу Bompas & Parr предлагают воспринимать всеми органами чувств: в их арсенале — светящееся мороженое, меняющая цвет

Yer takes the 2017 design parade

On June 30, the 12th International Design Parade Design Festival starts in French Yera. Related: Festival in Jerah: Swarovski Fashion Accessories Award The Villa of the Dukes of Noay, a monument of French modernism, will again become a platform for

Nomad exhibition in the interiors of the xviii century

In the Swiss resort of St. Moritz, the second session of the Nomad fair opens. Related: PAD Genève: Collection Design for Skiers Nineteen galleries will bring their treasures to alpine beauties. Rare tables, designer chairs, advanced ceramics,
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