Blinds in the kitchen (40 photos)

Do the blinds fit harmoniously into the kitchen? If so, which ones to pay attention to? Councils for the selection of materials, the color scale and the form of the execution of blinds. Photo gallery of examples and a selection of video tips.The

Osvaldo borsani: the man brand

Osvaldo Borsani - the hero of 2018. Exhibitions are dedicated to him and architects confess their love. Three projects prepared in Milan. Divan D70, diesel. Osvaldo Borsani, 1954. “Today we have designers who design objects, factories that create

Edra: furniture and contemporary art

Компания Edra отметила в 2017 году свой тридцатилетний юбилей. Историю знаменитого итальянского бренда рассказывает Francesco Binfare (Francesco Binfaré), глава, основатель и арт-директор Edra. Sofa Pack. Related: Salone del Mobile 2017: prize

The bear: a fashionable chalet in the swiss alps

"Bear" - the name of the project Alexandra de Garidel-Toron (Alexandra de Garidel-Toron) in the Swiss Alps. Related: Hotel in the Alps: a new concept of "eco-luxury" - an open-air room Alpine country house, chalet - a common type of housing in

Superdivans: 20 examples

Designers advocate a personal approach: the furniture must change and adapt to the owner. Modern models are folded and laid out, assembled and disassembled, representing not one instance, but the whole system. And the most adaptable to the owner and

Children's room design for a boy

Designing a child's room is a fascinating business, but very important! After all, the nursery is not only a functional room, designed for sleeping, dressing, studying and other useful activities. This is a small child’s own world where he can play,

Bolon: three-dimensional floor

The Swedish company Bolon presented the Bolon By You Coatings collection as part of Milan Design Week. The Bolon company has a solid experience of cooperation with famous designers. So, in 2012, a joint collection appears with the French architect

Milan design week: lexus и formafantasma

An Encounter with Anticipation - “Meet the Anticipation” is the name of the installation presented by the design duo Formafantasma for the Lexus car brand at the Milan Design Week Milan Design Week. In addition, “Anticipation” is a topic set by the

Project pavel volov: at the height

A graduate of the Institute of Design Marangoni Pavel Volovov implements the European experience on Russian soil. Проект в знаменитом доме Скуратова на Мосфильмовской — бесспорная удача молодого автора. Related: Design and Education: Five Reasons to

Baby cots with sides (children from three years)

From three years old baby cot does not have to be like an adult, without side panels. And as far as beds with sides can be stylish, original and unusual - look at the photo.The content of the articleDo you need fencing on the bed of a child from 3
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