Carpets in trend 3d graphics

Designers are fascinated by visual "special effects": spaces add an extra dimension using the effect of volume. Carpet becomes an element of the game, inspiring experiments and changes in the interior. Forms - traditional rectangular or figured,

Fashion in museums: martin marzhela celebrates anniversary

In 2018, the home of Martin Margiela is 20 years old. One of the most mysterious and unconventional enterprises of modern fashion. Related: Martin Margiela: The First Retrospective of a Cult Designer In 1988, Margiela met Jenny Meirens, the owner of

Red, rot, rouge: red novelties of 2016

All hobbies come and go, trends come back updated, with unexpected interpretations, try new roles. Red is the most stable attachment of a changeable fashion. He never leaves the stage and every year he is among the soloists. All shades of red are

Sieger design: 3.5 meters spa

Michael and Christian Ziegera, Sieger Design, designed the project for a small apartment with a full-fledged spa area. Related: Smart Living: 5 Trends 2018 SSPS® is a concept that began in 2015. The name stands for Small Size Premium Spa - “Small

Beatrice balgoma: a space of contrasts

“I wanted to create a space of contrasts that would be harmonious, cozy and elegant,” says Beatriz Balgoma, a decorator and owner of Madrid antique gallery. Related: Architect Diego Rodriguez: Technological Retro Beatrice Balgoma is not afraid to

Room for school boy. this is partaaaa !!!

The concept of this is the "male den". The holy place, where the woman (well, except for mom), the entrance is ordered. So, the children's room for the schoolboy boy is a place where the kid can relax his soul, after all the honestly done lessons.

Two stylistics: the project of kira korotkova

Designing an apartment in the center of Moscow, designer Kira Korotkova has combined two favorite stylistics: Art Deco and Mid-century modern. Related: Make Interiors: Villa in Kaliningrad Although the house is located in the very center of Moscow,

Gabriel & guillaume: “every item is dear to us”

Gabriel & Guillaume открывают в ноябре мобильный шоу-рум. Адрес: небоскреб Beirut Terraces архитектурного бюро Herzog & de Meuron. По теме: Nilufar Gallery: квартирная выставка art&design Концепция furniture-in-situ (мебель в естественной

Paola navone: colors for barovier & toso

Дизайнер, архитектор, арт-директор, декоратор и сценограф Паола Навоне стала автором экспозиции Colors для итальянской компании Barovier & Toso. Притягательные инсталляции Навоне были объединены темой света и цвета. Зрителю предлагалось

Young design in the castle of holleneg

Austrian castle Holleneg once a year organizes an exhibition about the international program Schloss Hollenegg for Design to support young designers. In 2018, it is called Legacy. Related: Sarah Richchardi, Arcadia and Austrian Castle Schloss
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