M3 architects: a small apartment of four zones

Studio apartment of 52 square meters. meter designed the team M3 Architects. The apartment is located in the new complex, in Odessa, on the seashore. Related: M3 Architects: Villa by the Black Sea The bright, multifunctional space consists of four

"art bureau 1 1": family apartment art & design

Elena Solovyova and Ilya Klimov, "Art Bureau 1/1" - masters of refined European interiors. In the project of an apartment in Barykovsky Pereulok, they managed to convey a feeling that it was as if the windows were not Moscow, but Paris. On the

Hermès and big cats

The fashion house attracted the work of Robert Dalle (1923–2006) to create a table decor. It all started back in 1985, when Jean-Louis Dumas, who was then at the helm of Hermès, discovered and widely supported the talent of Dalle, a French animal

Irina glik: residence in rublevo

Townhouse for two families in the village of Residence Rublevo - was the first experience of Irina Glik in residential projects. He was successful - like all her previous endeavors. Related topic: Big house in Tennessee. Project Chad James Group You

Odile deck: architect rebel

The Frenchwoman Odile Dekk (Оdile Decq, p. 1955) knows how to be in demand and not lose freedom. Her projects appear with enviable regularity on news feeds. In 2016, she became the owner of Jane Drew Prize, an architectural award aimed at recognizing

Ukrainian design and its 12 forwards

The exhibition of Ukrainian designers at the Design Week in Eindhoven (21-29. 10. 2017) was a big hit. Creative Ukraine. Between Tradition and Innovation - curators Olga Bogdanova, Elena Oranskaya, Alyona Solomadina and Katerina Sokolova called their

Tom dixon and cement tile for bisazza

British designer Tom Dixon released his first tile collection for Bisazza. This Italian brand is associated by many above all with a luxurious mosaic (which is quite true), but it develops other interesting trends. In particular, floor cement tiles.

Mario bellini: an irrational classics

Architect Mario Bellini (born 1935) has been in the profession for more than half a century. He is a recognized pillar of the industry and one of the active creators of the Italian Design brand. Сono, Riva 1920. Восемь раз Беллини становился

Studio "mel": italy visa application center

The architectural bureau “Mel” designed the interiors of the Italian visa center, located in the Kievsky shopping center in Moscow. The project was implemented in 2017. Related: The Stella Collective Project in Sydney: an office where it's nice to

Rubelli group: rubelli family secret

The Rubelli Group company produces luxurious fabrics, stores vintage technology and forms textile fashion. Related: Rubelli: Venetian Textiles In Wonderland Niccolo Favaretto Rubelli Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of
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