Herve van der straten - unicate of paris

Parisian designer Herve Van der Straten (Hervé Van der Straeten) recently celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of creative activity. Composes "Excitement", "Psychosis" and "Fever". Why - he told INTERIOR + DESIGN. HERVE VAN der STRAETEN Designer,

Typecasting: retrospective of the vitra factory

The Swiss brand Vitra will present a retrospective exhibition Typecasting (“Creating a Typology”) in Milan. This is a collection of iconic, forgotten and newest items. The exhibition is overseen by designer Robert Stadler. The main theme of the

Marc newson: a tea set for 100,000 euros

Marc Newson created a silver set for Georg Jensen. This is the first collaboration of a world-famous industrial designer with a Danish company. Limited edition - 10 subscription sets. The price of each set is 107,000 euros. The craftsmen of Georg

Controversy nigel coates

Brit Nigel Coates (Nigel Coates) - a real provocateur. He designs, argues with colleagues and calls pros to radicalism. Talk about Coats is usually conducted as an architect. Indeed, he has a Jeffrey Museum building in London's East End (1998), in

Pantone institute: 10 shades of the future

Experts at the Pantone Institute identified ten colors, which will be dressed in both fashionistas and interiors this fall. These are “autumnal colors reminiscent of leaves in the forest, luxurious plumage and twilight,” deep and rich tones with

Barovier & toso: the story of murano

The magic properties of Murano glass are used by the world's oldest glass-blowing factory. Once in the Guinness Book as the oldest glass production in the world, the company works on fashionable designer light. Муранское стекло знакомо всем, кто хоть

The water bicycle from ex-designer bmw

Red Shark is a combination of a bicycle with a boat. It is designed primarily for cyclists who want to change their tracks to the water spaces. Developed Red Shark ex-BMW designer Josep Rubau. The trimaran is made of carbon fiber, it folds easily

Alisa volchkova: liquid ceramics

Alissa Volchkova, a French-Russian designer from London, demonstrates ceramics production processes in the Liquid Series collection. Related: Max Lamb (Max Lamb): brutal basalt dishes Among the items in the collection are not two identical. The

Table decor: 10 designer gifts

Designer crystal and porcelain adorn the modern interior. It is presented to aesthetes and exhibited in museums. The authors of collections for luxury brands in 2017 were not only famous industrial designers, craftsmen of sculptural tables and

Nendo and the shiite in tokyo

NENDO Bureau exists since 2002. Founder of Oki Sato (Oki Sato). Branches are located in Milan and Singapore. Customers include Cartier, Baccarat, Moroso, De Padova, Guzzini, Oluce, Puma, Lexus, Coca-Cola, Camper. Japanese designers studio Nendo,
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