Made in italy: 7 loudest remakes

Remakes are a fashionable theme of the furniture industry. The flagship factories, having studied a rich heritage, republish the hits of the last century, celebrate anniversaries of bestsellers and their authors. Here is a short list of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017:

1. Superleggera 699, Jo Ponti, 1957. Cassina. To its 90th anniversary, Cassina has re-released a limited edition of the 20th-century icon design, including the legendary Joe Ponty chair.

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Poet, artist, architect, designer, publisher, essayist - Ponty is called the godfather of Italian design. Lightweight construction weighing about one and a half kilograms is deservedly popular with design collectors and with experts on high-quality things. Superleggera - a chair, strong and durable. In the original and colorful upholstery of Bertyan Pot Boxblocks, he was re-released in an edition of 60 copies.

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2. Snoopy, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1967. Flos. New colors (instead of black - orange, blue and green) received a Snoopy lamp, designed in marble and metal by the Castiglioni brothers exactly half a century ago. The name of the table lamp is in honor of the popular comic character puppy Snoopy (from the English. "Curious"), drawn in 1950, the year.

3. D.156.3, Джо Понти, 1950-е. Molteni&С. The company has been producing remakes of Joe Ponti's designs since 2012. To date, 11 models have been reissued, including chairs, armchairs, tables, sideboards and a bookshelf. An architect designed the D.156.3 lounge chair in the 1950s for the American corporation Altamira. A special feature is not only the original silhouette, but also the back, the upholstery of which is kept crossed, like lacing, with straps.

Вокруг наследия Джо Понти ведутся споры и разгораются громкие скандалы. Две знаменитые фабрики Made in Italy Molteni&C и Cassina представляют одно и то же кресло. Molteni&C называет его D.156.3 «по согласованию с наследниками и договору о передачи прав, подписанном в 2010-м году», как говорится в сообщении компании, а Cassina — 811 «как в документах и нашем распоряжении», — объясняет генеральный директор Джанлука Арменто.

4. Tube Chair, Joe Colombo, 1969. Cappellini. The work of the Italian genius was the first in the world multisectional modular chair. Included in the permanent collection of MoMa and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The original form and details remain intact. Upholstery, textiles or genuine leather are now available in black, white, yellow, turquoise and orange-red colors.

5. Reale. Karlo Mollino, 1946. Zanotta. Having celebrated its 60th anniversary, this favorite table of photographers and architects has been reissued in a version with a luxurious marble table top. Base: natural oak, oak under wenge or walnut, oak in black or white lacquer. The original tables and chairs of Carlo Mollino are few, and his legacy beats records at design auctions (in 2005, the Orengo home table went to Christie's for $ 3.8 million). Zanotta factory customers had a chance to possess the masterpieces of the great Italian at a more modest price.

6. Сharles, Антонио Читтерио, 1997. B&B Italia. Знаковый диван, спроектированный Антонио Читтерио в 1997 году, отмечает двадцатилетний юбилей. Компания B&B Italia по этому случаю перевыпустила бестселлер в специальной версии с обивками актуальных оттенков пламени и морской глубины. Создан и диван Charles 20° в специальном монтаже, разработанном Migliore+Servetto Architects.

7. Locus Solus, Гаэ Ауленти, 1964, extëtam. Chairs by the pool in fashionable primrose colors and geometric upholstery are reprints of the Locus Solus collection by architect Gae Aulenti (1927–2012). The most famous project of the Italian was the Orsay Museum in Paris, and the portfolio covered the reconstruction of many world museums and monuments. Factory Exteta, starting to produce remakes Gae Aulenti in 2016, complements the collection of new prints and finishes.

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