Gently spread out

Glamorous boudoir in the bedroom

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A photo: Yevgeny Luchin, Yury Molodkovets

Text: Julia Sakharova

Stylist: Olga Roslova

Magazine: Decor N8 (174) 2012

Boudoir in the bedroom - a place that can be decorated deliberately glamorous. This is exactly what the author of this interior, an outstanding English designer, did. Nikolas Héslem

BUDOIAR in the bedroom can be emphasized soft and fluffy: put carpet on the floor and upholster the walls. In this room on the walls - layed in rows of braid of navy color. But, if you like the classic version of "soft" walls, you can decorate them with velvet.

IN THIS INTERIOR, wrapped in a soft band, cool things will look cool. Such, for example, as these objects made of mirror cloth are the French table of the 1940s of the 20th century and the Venetian mirror of the 20th century. On the other hand, it is possible to apply the similarity technique - to select furniture in velvet, plush, and fur for the boudoir.