Cultivators and tillers: reviews, prices, video

The motorblock is a light agricultural machine, which is used for tillage, with the help of special mills. Mounted nozzles expand the range of possible work. Productivity (the amount of cultivated land per unit of time) depends on the engine and the

Brazier from a brick with his own hands

In recent years, there is a tendency for the garden and dacha plots to rest more often from the city bustle, rather than working on the harvest, although nothing human is alien to us, and the work on earth is also such a kind of recreation. The vast

Drip irrigation do it yourself

In modern hypermarkets, which are already located not only in large cities, you can buy almost anything, including exotic fruits and vegetables from any country in the world. And indeed, it is pleasant and interesting to taste avocados in a salad, or

Which is better to buy a lawn mower to give?

If you are a happy owner of your own house or cottage, then you probably have a small lawn on which flowers and grass grow. In this case, you should consider buying a lawnmower. It will simplify lawn care, make it thick and perfectly smooth. In

Construction of a wood splitter with their own hands

В частном доме почти всегда нужны дрова. Некоторые люди покупают уже заготовленные дрова, хотя на это приходится тратить гораздо большую сумму, чем того хотелось бы. Другие сами занимаются этой работой, тратя свои силы и время на заготовку. Чтобы

Construction tiller do it yourself

In homestead and suburban areas, in vegetable gardens and gardens, motorblocks are used with great success, which make it possible to greatly facilitate and simplify planting, cleaning, weeding, feeding and caring for plants. A motoblock is a fairly

How to make a plow with your own hands

Cultivation of land is the most labor-intensive matter for villagers and summer residents. Soil preparation for sowing and tillage after harvesting are the most difficult types of manual work. Significantly facilitate the implementation of these

Cultivators tornado

Getting high yields depends on good tillage and care. All gardeners are well aware of how difficult it is to work with the land to get good returns on the labor invested. Digging a garden has always been considered a difficult task. It takes a lot of

Smokehouse types and their arrangement

Разве может быть что-нибудь вкуснее, чем копченый судак, пойманный и приготовленный by myself? Особенно если он приготовлен в коптильне, изготовленной собственноручно. Smoking is a method of processing a product in which products acquire preservative

How to choose a garden hand sprayer

A garden sprayer is an indispensable tool for any gardener who intends to spray green plantations with various pest and disease control products. Healthy plants are an indispensable condition for their good appearance, and as a result of this and the
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