Pumping stations and their features

The main purpose of a device such as a pumping station is to provide this particular structure with clean water, which is taken from a well or well. Currently, pumping stations are a very important, almost integral part of the two systems: the water

Tandoor do it yourself

Dishes cooked on an open fire are rightfully considered to be one of the most delicious, so it is not surprising that the people of Asia skillfully took advantage of this and created an amazing tandoor roasting oven. Like many centuries ago, it is

Bbq do it yourself

All sorts of braziers that are designed for cooking meat on the street, perhaps one of the earliest culinary inventions. Over the years, they practically did not change; only the material used for their preparation and the design options were

Garden lawn roller

Any modern person, being the happy owner of a country house or a country house, sooner or later thinks about creating a beautiful lawn in the area in front of the house. Garden times, when every free piece of land was carefully planted with potatoes,

Diy wind generator

Oil crises, the ever-increasing price of fuel and the rapidly approaching crisis of a shortage of non-reproducible energy sources make humanity look for new alternative energy sources. One of these sources is wind energy, which is an environmentally

Features of pumping stations for giving

Modern man is so spoiled by the benefits of civilization that he does not want to part with them either in a country cottage or in a country house. Even here, give him and plumbing, and sewage, and heating. This is not a problem if there is a

Build a mini-tractor with their own hands: video

The presence of a plot of land imposes on its owner the obligation to provide care for him. And one of the urgent tasks that must be solved is tillage. Manually such work can be done if the area of ​​the site is no more than 10 acres, and even then


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Existing irrigation systems to give

It's no secret that the plants need to be watered. There are three main ways of watering a vegetable garden or summer cottage: drip, rain, and subsoil. Also to this list can be attributed, and manual watering from the watering can. Many summer

Making a homemade lawn mower

The beautiful area around the building does not begin with a brilliant design idea, but certainly with careful care of it. The grass tends to grow, so it needs time to cut it. For this reason, any summer resident, or simply the owner of a private
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