Cultivators tornado

Tornado cultivatorGetting high yields depends on good tillage and care. All gardeners are well aware of how difficult it is to work with the land to get good returns on the labor invested. Digging a garden has always been considered a difficult task. It takes a lot of time and effort and adds pain in the spine, muscles of the arms, legs and back.

For substantial relief agricultural labor the emergence of a manual cultivator "Tornado" was a pleasant surprise and a find for gardeners. Summer Residents appreciated A new gift from the developers.


  • 1 What is the cultivator "Tornado"?
  • 2 Benefits of Tornado Cultivator
  • 3 lineup
  • 4 Application of a garden drill

What is the cultivator "Tornado"?

Tornado - cultivatorIt is a tool in the form metal rod. From above to it the arc-shaped ergonomic handle fastens.

From below, the rod is provided with curved, pointed teeth, made of hardened steel, which does not require sharpening, and is intended for loosening the soil and removing weed roots.

How is the work done with a manual cultivator?

  1. The working part of the tool is installed on the soil surface with a turn of the rotary knob.
  2. The handle is rotated clockwise with the teeth getting into the ground at least 20 cm.
  3. Next, the device is removed from the soil, preventing it from turning to the left, shakes off the ground and the work cycle begins again.

What gives use of a cultivator to the summer resident?

  • unloads the spine and legs, muscles of the arms and back, evenly distributing the load on the entire body;
  • does not give back pain, does not allow get tired because you do not have to bend your back, as when working with a shovel.

Working with this device to facilitate labor появилась возможность вскапывания небольших и средних размеров участков, делая ровную и качественную глубину копки от 20 см и более. Культиватор «Tornado» отлично рыхлит почву, removes all weeds, increases working capacity not less than 2.5 times and does not give rise to bad sensations from the load on the back

Benefits of Tornado Cultivator

  • View of a tornado cultivatorcompactness;
  • easy disassembly and assembly;
  • ease of operation;
  • small weight (less than 2 kg);
  • resizability;
  • takes up little storage space;
  • does not require sharpening;
  • contributes to the preservation of health;
  • has a low cost.

When working with the unit should be careful to avoid foot injuries by the tool's teeth. Wear well-closed shoes for work. When disassembling or assembling a tool, one should deepen the sharp part into the sod or directly into the ground.

The lineup

When buying comes with swivel handle rod with a regulator, working part with teeth, two mounting bolts and nuts.

Model range of manual cultivator "Tornado" represented by a ruler the following new products:

  1. Tornado cultivator applicationManual cultivator "Tornado-mini".
  2. Cultivator potato digger.
  3. Super bura.
  4. Pitchfork garden.
  5. Miracle Spade Tornado
  6. Manual cultivator with pedal lever.
  7. Cultivator "Tornado" New.

The tornado mini-ripper works according to the principle of the elder brother, only differs weight category - its mass reaches slightly more than 500 g When working, the rod is positioned vertically to the ground, the teeth enter the ground. The handle turns 50 degrees to the right, then tool lifts and shakes off the ground. With it, you can loosen the soil, leaving all the malicious weeds in the tool, which simply recline into the garbage container and the work continues.

Features of the cultivator-root remover is the depth of digging which reaches up to 30 cm, in no way inferior to the traditional digging shovel. This tool does not disturb the fertile soil layer, contributes to the preservation in it microorganisms and moisture, does not destroy the beneficial worms. The most important advantage of this tool is its ability to improve the air-water regime

The advantages of this tool are the ability to create minimal effort equal distribution of the load on the body and increase the efficiency of the gardener. Loosening without back bend Promotes long tool handle with knob.

Small-sized "Tornado-mini" will become an indispensable assistant gardener and help maintain the beauty of the site without much strain and extra spending for many years.

The leader of the digging was the cultivator potato tornado, making it easier and faster work harvesting in the fall. The principle of operation is to install the unit down vertically parallel to the potato bush and turn knob around its axis. The teeth in this spiral-shaped enter into the ground under a bush with a slight uplift of the soil and throw the tubers out. A huge number of reviews about this truly miraculous tool says that gardeners recognize it as helpful assistant when harvesting potatoes, and tools that made digging a pleasant and easy task.

Super auger "Tornado" digging heavy loamy and virgin lands. Tool supplied additional function lever pedals to reduce the load on the spine at the time of lifting the tool from the depth of the soil. The principle of operation is the same simple enough and understandable. The working part of the cultivator is twisted, like a corkscrew, into the ground and lifting it from the soil by pressing the pedal. When working with this unique device for agricultural work completely there is no load on the back, muscles of the arms and legs. Any age category of people, even the elderly, can easily cope with this tool.

The drill handle is made of metal, and used for the working part high strength steel thermally treated. Tool teeth work like a corkscrew. They are quick and easy drill soil with any composition of the soil. The cultivator drills holes in the ground to a depth of one and a half meters with a borehole diameter not less than 250 mm. The small weight of the drill (less than 2.5 kg) allows the summer resident to perform drilling without much effort.

Garden drill application

  1. For drilling holes for planting large plants.
  2. For installation of support pillars.
  3. When building fences, gates and gates.

TornadoThe advantages of the new cultivator are the convenience of use, ease of assembly and excellent economy. The drill perfectly copes with any soil structures, has the function of regulating the length of the handle (according to the growth of the user) and the depth of drilling. Super drill "Tornado" liked a huge number of gardeners - lovers.

Judging by the reviews, this model is almost 4 times as high plate drills and 2.5 times works better screw. Delight affordable prices this instrument is within a thousand rubles and the warranty period of use is more than 10 years.

Garden forks "Tornado" are convenient tool to carry out work in the garden for carrying grass, hay, for processing heavy soils during the planting period. Sufficiently low weight (a little more than half a kilogram) and the presence of strong forged teeth contribute to the application of considerable effort in the performance of work. For greater resistance to stress, the forks are made of metal. For good tillage the tool was equipped with a lining function for the foot, helping to perform the labor process affordable and convenient in a way.

The advantages of the fork are long service life application in all weather conditions and affordable price (about 800 rubles).

Snow shovel "Tornado" clean snow, sand, grain without effort and load on the lower back. The weight of a shovel is less than two kilograms. For the manufacture of cuttings used a special pipe with a small diameter, durable and easy to use. The scoop is made of plastic, not afraid of low temperatures and quite durable. The shovel is intended for simplification of work of the gardener dachnik. She must be easy and practical comfortable and ergonomic (safe) - it is with these qualities that the Tornado shovel is endowed. A shovel in aesthetically designed beautiful packaging can be made an excellent inexpensive gift that will always help create a good mood and delight among gardeners.

The whole garden tool with the logo "Tornado" is used by summer residents and owners of private houses very popular and in demand. In the feedback of gardeners emphasizes the ease and ease of use, low prices for the cultivator and its modifications. Virtually no negative comments. Special thanks to the low-income pensioners who feed themselves to the producers of this wonderful gardening equipment. the fruits of their hard work on land allotments. And in this they are provided with invaluable assistance to the Tornado cultivator models that are affordable for everyone.