The tallest building in europe

The tallest skyscraper in Europe has been completed on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The total area of ​​the object is 400 thousand square meters. meters Office space will occupy about two-thirds of the 87-storey complex. Construction "Lakhta

Jubilee of frank lloyd wright: archive unpacked

In the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), a large-scale exhibition will open on June 12 to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright. Related: Frank Lloyd Wright: $ 3.6 Million for the Great Master's Last Masterpiece Один из

British postmodernism

Architectural historians Geraint Franklin and Elain Harwood published the book Postmodern Buildings in Britain. Related: 1980s: Game or Return? “The constructions of British postmodernism, and so in the minority, are quickly disappearing today -

Ludi architects: kuznya house in new holland

На острове Новая Голландия в Санкт-Петербурге открылось новое модное место Kuznya House. При Петре I на этом месте была кузня: кузнечная мастерская, где ковались инструменты для работ на Галерном дворе. Каменное здание было построено в середине XIX

Xxi triennale in milan: rooms of architects

XXI Triennale The international exhibition of architecture and design in Milan covers a six-month intensive exhibition program. On the eve of the Milan Design Week (Milan Design Week), iSaloni: Salone del Mobile and its attendant exhibits of

Kengo cooma and the first design museum in scotland

Новое здание лондонского филиала Музея Виктории и Альберта в Данди призвано привлечь туристов и улучшить экономику провинциального города. Проект начат в 2010 году и расходы на него увеличились почти в два раза — до 80 млн ф. ст. Предполагается, что

Snøhetta: hotel on a tree

One of the most "star" buildings network Treehotel - The 7th Room Hotel in Sweden. It was created by the architects of the Norwegian bureau Snøhetta, the authors of the grandiose project of the World Culture Center in Saudi Arabia and the famous

New building ica miami

In Miami, opens a new building of the Institute of Contemporary Art ICA Miami. The main purpose of the building is the display of works of modern art, including large-scale installations. Related: Happiness in Miami: Villa George Lindemann Jr. The

"house-pumpkin" in new york for sale

The mansion, known as The Pumpkin House (English "house-pumpkin"), is sold for 4.25 million dollars. По теме: Директор Saatchi & Saatchi продает квартиру With its nickname, the house at 16 Chittenden Ave is obliged to the facade facing the river:

Mountain contrary: the center of fuji shigeru bana

Fuji World Heritage Center Fuji World Heritage Center opened on December 22 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, designed by Shigeru Ban. Related: Shigeru Ban: The Island of Music on the Seine In June 2013, a unique dormant volcano was included in the
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