Snøhetta: rock painting center

In Montignac, in the south-west of France, the Lascaux IV International Rock Art Center was opened, designed by the Norwegian bureau Snøhetta. By topic: Museums 2016: the pride of presidents and architects Lasko Cave is called the Sistine Chapel of

World expo 2017: thinner than egg shells

American designer Marc Fornes (Marc Fornes) and his studio THEVERYMANY specialize in large-scale objects that form the urban environment. For the international exhibition world expo 2017 (highlights the achievements of modern science and

Restaurant barangaroo house in australia

Wooden slatted facade creates the right contrast with the neighboring residential and business buildings. On all three levels, the restaurant received open terraces and an excellent space with a panoramic view on the roof. Inside - a series of

Renzo piano: centro botín in northern spain

Pritzker Laureate Renzo Piano built a new building for Fundación Botín, one of Spain’s most important private cultural foundations. Related: Renzo Piano: Incredible Architecture Centro Botín is the first Spanish project of the Italian Renzo Piano.

Observation deck utsikten in the mountains of norway

On one of the picturesque tourist routes in Norway, an unusual observation deck appeared. Surrounded by steep mountain gorges Gaularfjellet, raised to an altitude of 1500 meters, the original structure has become a remarkable example of modern

Nbbj architects: office for 10,000 employees

NBBJ architects designed the headquarters of Tencent International Corporation in Shenzhen. Skyscrapers are designed to accommodate 10,000 office workers. The building has already been called the first vertical campus. Related: Foster + Partners: the

Museum in palestine: history breaks

The bureau Royzin Heneghan and Shi-Fu Peng, based in Dublin, completed the first phase of the Palestinian Museum. The new institution, the architectural solution of which was developed in heneghan peng, is located 25 km north of Jerusalem, on the

Pavilion in the garden from kawahara krause architects

The poetic pavilion arose for an unusual reason. A large tree has fallen in the garden. And the owners could not figure out how to fill the gap in the thickets. Related: Design Pavilion Gilles Retsin Architecture The architects of the Kawahara

Architects "needles": a house on the edge of the forest

The architects of the office "Hvoy" designed and built a country house near St. Petersburg. The owners are a family of artists, the budget was small, but the project turned out worthy of the world's best examples of modern architecture. Related:

Olafur eliasson's first building

Fjordenhus is one of the outposts of the architectural restructuring of the entire old harbor. “House on the fjord” stands out for its shape in the flat landscape of the Jutland peninsula and as if the ship rises above the surface of the water. Its
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