Atelier ars: campus memorial in mexico

The architects of the bureau Atelier ARS designed the campus of the Mexican company Novasem, specializing in the production of corn. Related: Rojkind Arquitectos: Home for Philharmonic Orchestra in Mexico In addition to the functional buildings,

Mvrdv: a giant staircase in rotterdam

MVRDV architects implemented a large-scale project in Rotterdam. The giant staircase connected the railway station with the Groothandelsgebouw Wholesale Center - the first building built in Rotterdam after World War II (during the war most of the

Binaa: a new look at office architecture

In the Turkish region of Sakarya, 170 kilometers from Istanbul, the construction of the S2OSB headquarters has been completed. The authors of the project are the local young binaa bureau. Turkish architects went the original way - the administrative

Saota: oceanfront villa

Beachyhead is the name given to the oceanfront villa by SAOTA architects. For thirty years they have designed more than one hundred twenty private villas. Of course, in their portfolio there are town-planning objects, and hotels, and spa complexes,

Olympic games 2022: bridge over the river gui

Architectural studio Penda (Chris Precht and Dayong Sun) designed the original bridge across the Chinese River Gui. The bridge is an integral part of the infrastructure of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. He will connect the capital of

Who will receive the pritzker prize in 2017?

Accepting applications has already been completed - not only the winners of past years, critics and experts who were interviewed by the executive director of the award Marta Thorn, could offer their nominees, but also any licensed architect.

Laboratory city by oma

In the Paris suburb of Gif-sur-Yvette, the laboratory campus of the École Centrale Paris engineering school was opened (in 2015 it was combined with the Supélec engineering school under the general name CentraleSupélec). The Office for Metropolitan

Atelier deshaus: a museum instead of a granary

Shanghai team Atelier Deshaus reconstructed the building in Zhejiang province in China. The Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum will open in the brutal concrete walls of the former granary. Related: Guardian Art Center: a hybrid of culture and commerce

Wooden architecture in canada. the best

В Канаде вручили премии за лучшую деревянную архитектуру: 2017 Wood Design & Building Awards получают самые разнообразные постройки. Все номинанты должны были подчеркнуть структурные, эстетические и функциональные качества дерева. Впервые в 2017

Studio fuksas: park periscopes

Studio Fuksas has decorated Tbilisi with a new cultural center. Renowned architect Massimiliano Fuksas designed an unusual complex consisting of two volumes in the form of intersecting periscopes. In one there is an exhibition hall, in the other - a
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