The construction of garden houses to give with a veranda

Construction of garden housesIn the modern world, many people are trying to get a summer cottage in order to relax and bring their feelings in order away from the city rush. At any dacha, a house is simply necessary in which life, convenience and comfort should be combined.

When building a garden house, there are no rigid frames, the house can be one-story, two-story, or even three-story. This is a matter of taste of every person and every family. However, according to the latest trends in the construction of country houses, the presence of a veranda in the project is increasingly common.

Open-air verandas resembling patios have become popular, and preferences in the construction of enclosed verandas have also been preserved. Before you start building a closed or open terrace, you need to understand all the advantages of such a renovation of a country house.


  • 1 Pluses of a verandah in a country house
  • 2 How to build a veranda in the country
  • 3 Veranda equipment
  • 4 Veranda Design
  • 5 Organization of summer kitchen on the veranda

Pluses of a verandah in a country house

How to build a house for the garden

It is possible to use an open or closed terrace as meeting places, set up a large table and sofas, and organize a numerous feast. Secondly, a significant advantage is the layout of the space, competent passage from the house to the street. It can also be considered a plus that it can serve as an additional shed in the garden plot.

In such a territory you can perfectly breed domestic flowers and plants. An important advantage of the terrace is that it can be equipped as a territory for children's activities, various games and entertainment. In this case, the child will always be under control, because the view of the veranda is provided from the area of ​​the house itself.

Consequently, main advantages sheds in the country house are:

  1. Place of relaxation.
  2. Places to meet guests.
  3. Breed home flowers and plants.
  4. Extra space to play with children.

Pluses in the creation of a veranda are numerous. Summer terrace in the country can be equipped in almost any style and for any purpose, then a matter of taste.

How to build a veranda in the country

The construction of houses to the countryIf the veranda is being constructed in conjunction with the construction of a house, then there will be no difficulties in this matter, because professional builders are carrying out the process. But if it is designed at a time when the house is already built, you can be puzzled by this work yourself. Accompanied by such work, as a rule, three phases:

  1. Creation of the base under a canopy for a country house.
  2. Creating walls.
  3. Finishing work.

Creation of the basement under a verandah for a country house. There are two options for the foundation for the construction of photos of the veranda in the country - this is a deep strip foundation and a foundation on the basis of pillars. In the first case, the foundation is calculated on a stronger structure, when as building materials they use timber, brick, stone.

On the basis of such capital construction, closed verandas are more often constructed, often even heated. In the second case, the foundation continues with an uncomplicated frame made of wood, plastic. This is considered to be an easier way to build, more suitable for open sheds and those that resemble patios. The choice of the foundation is directly curled by what summer terrace, covered or open, the owner of the country house prefers.

Creating the walls of the veranda. This is the most important stage in its construction, which requires maximum concentration and responsibility. Most often, metal or aluminum is used as the basis for the walls. In the future, this basis is sheathed with drywall, brick, stone, wooden slats, plywood, plastic or clapboard. In the construction of a closed veranda, which is more like a separate room, use timber.

Finishing work - This is the final stage in the creation of a veranda. Painting works are carried out, whitewashing of the ceiling and walls occurs, wooden slats are varnished, and the wall paneling is tinted. At this point, it is important to understand that its transformation depends on the preferences of the owner, how harmoniously the person represents its design.

Veranda equipment

Building a house in the countryWhen equipping an open porch it is important to take into account several features. First, more often the veranda is located at the entrance to the house, reminding guests of the porch, but it can also be positioned at the southern wall of the house, while saving space in the summer cottage and sharing entrance area and recreation area.

Secondly, you need to clearly understand which loggia you want to have. If its goal is to enjoy the sun, then you do not need to make partitions, and if you want it to save from wind and rain, then you should think about the fence around the perimeter. Further, if the house has small children, then you should think about fences. This will ensure their safety and reliability of their stay there.

Also, if you need a shady place, you need to think about planting plants near the building. During construction, it is also important to consider the material from which the garden house itself is built. Subject to this rule, all buildings on the site will acquire single stylistic look.

In addition, we should not forget about the price of materials. After all, a minor object is being built on the territory of the country house, which means that a huge amount of money should not be wasted.

Veranda design

The design of country houses with a veranda (see photos in the gallery) can be thought up independently, taking into account all the preferences of the family. Wicker furniture, rocking-chair, various country furniture are suitable for recreation areas. Many gardeners hang hammock.

To create a home environment you can arrange home flowers in interesting stylistic pots. For the summer dining area suitable wooden table and chairs with cushions. The children's area must comply with the design of the animal composition and be as safe as possible.

In general, the whole design depends on the riot of fantasy of the owners of the house and their solvency.

Taking into account all these aspects, from construction to design, you can easily arrange yourself a veranda. An additional recreation area will appear, quite affordable and reliable.