Spy passions

St. Petersburg club "Sac for a pregnant spy" Vlad Isaev, Frol Frolov, Gala Filatova Theater dramatizing. The design of the club "Sac for a pregnant spy", more reminiscent of the scenery

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

Painter: Vlad Isaev, Gala Filatova, Frol Frolov

Magazine: (41) 2000

"Sac for a pregnant spy" (St. Petersburg, Konyushennaya St., 13) is one of those clubs whose interior contains a share of theatricalization. The main ideologue was his master Garik Hayrapetyan. He was directly involved in the development of ideas that theater artists proposed, ideas that were often crazy and almost unrealizable. What is, for example, a battle table, on which there is no room for dishes, and instead - a mock battlefield with tanks, soldiers, trenches and even real shells. The desire to give originality to each table led the artists to the idea that developed into the following concept: you can eat at home, and here this process should turn into a performance. As a result, on the first floor appeared: the Holmes table, the Chekist, Stierlitz, Space Intelligence, and on the second - the East Hall and the Hall of Execution. Professionals club interior may seem illogical, do not meet the laws of design, but the idea of ​​the authors was precisely the uniqueness of the atmosphere of espionage passions.