Office in new deco style

new office in Moscow

Passing the gallery

A photo: Zinon Rasudinov

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Designer: Anastasia Shlenkina

Magazine: N (120) 2007

The Cabinet is a reflection of the taste and tastes of its owner. In the new Moscow office, which is located in the center of Moscow, there are as many as four VIP rooms. “Each of the company’s managers has their own vision of the working space, and therefore we made all the rooms different, but in the same style - new deco,” says designer Anastasia Shlenkina. Unprecedented case: in the factory sleepless according to the author's samples were made tables for managers. For example, in the "golden" office there is a table made of wenge, one of a kind. Here is the famous golden wall Globe from sleepless, sofa, armchairs, coffee table, as well as large floor lamps from BONACINA PIERANTONIOmade of brown braided leather. And pony skins make this area particularly comfortable.

The “Ethnic” office is completely different: a semicircular table of gray oak covered with glossy black lacquer, armchairs, zebra-covered leather, elegant wicker chairs ... By the way, not only the tables, but all four chairs of the office managers are made by hand in an Italian factory MERONI FRANCESCO. The large beautiful hall unites all the space with translucent windows, in the center of which stands the Agadier table with decorative black patterns from the latest factory collection. sleepless.