Box for impressions

apartment with an area of ​​164 m2

Passing the gallery

Text: Anna Nikitina

A photo: Ekaterina Malysheva

Project author: Lia Batonkina

Magazine: de Luxe Classic N2 2011

Architect Lia Batonkina made a bright eclectic interior based on classic styles. However, the classics here are not an end in themselves, but a way to create something non-dull and non-trivial

Bright colors, joyful mood, rich decor - these features the interior of the apartment owes to its owners. “Customers are bright, active, optimistic,” says the author of the project. “They work a lot, they love to travel, and interesting ideas come from trips.” So, in particular, from a trip to Italy, they returned impressed by the furniture JUMBO COLLECTION. Just at that time, together with the architect, they thought through the concept of the apartment interior. The owners did not want it to be strictly classical, but rather they had a kind of spectacular fantasy on the subject of classics: luxurious, smart, lush and theatrical interior to match this furniture.

Gold was chosen as the color basis for the interior, or rather, a whole range of gold shades - from dark, pure gold to light gold. In the corridor and in the entrance hall - multi-layered finish of golden hues, gilded wood carvings and stucco friezes, and even the color of the velvet upholstery of the chair is also golden. In the living room the tone of gold is different, darker. This is a golden honey silk upholstery, Murano glass, colored crystal. From the same color “ruler”, only of a more dense shade - the natural color of parquet from sukupiry, wood with a spectacular texture, as if glowing from the inside, as well as a coffee table and a cupboard from solid Italian walnut. The walls of the kitchen are finished with a multi-layered golden finish.

In private rooms, the color thickens: in the owner's office, this is a deep shade of walnut, and in the bedroom - the optimistic orange color of upholstery, draperies and bedspreads. “It was necessary to add air to this densely decorated interior,” says the author of the project. “Therefore, we made the ceiling in the bedroom painted, highlighted in a special way, and stained-glass in the study.” The theme of the ceiling painting in the bedroom echoes the ceiling ceiling in the living room - curly flowers. But only there, in the living room, it is more solemn, sustained in the traditions of palace painting, here it is more “informal”, similar to silk painting. The “silk” effect of the surface was achieved with the help of a multi-layered finish with a pearl shimmer and special lighting.

The stained glass in the owner's office is an artist’s fantasy on the theme of the carnival in Venice, the ornament in the spirit of art nouveau. “A bright stained-glass window, as well as velvet curtains, trimmed with silk silk cord curls, we placed here with the aim of somewhat“ cheering ”this solid English-style room,” says the architect. Another spectacular stained glass ceiling - in the master bathroom. His design is from the era modern, as well as the ornament of wall tiles, decorated with images of female figures in the style of drawings by Alphonse Mucha. And this is also one of the "impressions" of the owners of the map. Having been in the Czech Republic in the museum of the famous artist, they suggested using separate motifs of his paintings in the bathroom decor. Why not? The eclectic genre is so good that it can combine different styles.

Project architect Lia Batonkina: “It happens that the interior begins with a piece of furniture. But in this case, the starting point was not a separate item, but the style of one of the highest furniture brands. Customers asked to make an interior akin to the spirit of this luxurious fantasy furniture. Another condition was the presence in the interior of the furniture of the favorite brand "