Arches and pergolas made of wood to give

Wooden pergolas and archesWooden pergolas and arches считаются одним из лучших украшений любого загородного участка или дачи. Подобные конструкции из дерева выполняют декоративную функцию, а также позволяют разделить территорию на несколько зон и организовать место для вьющихся растений.


  • 1 Wood arches for summer cottage
    • 1.1 Self-manufacturing arch
  • 2 Wooden pergolas
    • 2.1 Design features
    • 2.2 Creating a structure

Arches from wood for giving

Arches standing by tunnel or separately, are a simple design that can be made of wood or other material. Such elements can disguise farm buildings or a recreation area. If you arrange several wooden arches next, you can make something like an arbor. Naturally, in this case, special attention should be paid to the choice of material and plants that will braid the structure.

If you wish, you can заказать готовое изделие. Оно может иметь сводчатую, шпалерную или трельяжную форму. Для выполнения конструкции применяется древесина, пластик и металл. Также могут задействоваться различные кованые элементы.

Independent manufacture of the arch

If you wish, you can make a wooden arch for giving the hands. Even the simplest design, made of scrap materials, will decorate the garden and will look very attractive.

  1. To create such a decorative element should be prepared 4 or 6 bars with a height of approximately 2 m. The bottom of the wooden elements must be treated with bitumen, and then wrapped in any waterproofing material.
  2. The pillars are installed vertically in excavated pits to a depth of 0.5–1 m. If the soil is loose, then this parameter can even be 1.5–2 m. It is important to use the construction level.
  3. The pits are covered with a small amount of rubble and poured with concrete.
  4. On the pillars, you need to fix a pair of side beams, and then install the crossbeams, represented by a cut board.

We should also mention the trellis or trellis. This is a lightweight construction created from a pair of poles. Such an element must be fairly durable, otherwise it will not withstand a gust of wind.

Creation of a structure

Any master can make a pergola with his own hands, choosing the right material and size. Most often for the construction use such breeds:

  • oak;
  • larch;
  • Pine;
  • acacia.

In some cases it is advisable to combine several types of wood. You can also add to the design forged elements. Often used stone and brick. Naturally, pergolas made of uneven bars must be treated with an antiseptic to protect the material from moisture and fire.

The easiest is considered rectangular variety, for the manufacture of which will require an elementary drawing. With appropriate skills, you can make an arched design that looks quite original.

Choosing a tree to create a pergola, you should take care of proper preparation and processing. So, on strong bars put antiseptics. Next, you need to use tools that protect the tree from various pests. After this, it is important to perform refractory treatment. Then wood leave at least a weekafter which you can proceed to construction work.

  1. What role do pergolas serve?To make the pergola yourself, you need to prepare the material with the tool, as well as determine the place on the site.
  2. All wooden elements are treated with antiseptic, and in the garden they prepare a pit for poles with a depth of 60–80 cm, where the bars are placed.
  3. The pit is filled with mortar.
  4. When the concrete hardens, it is necessary to fix the horizontal beams of the pergola. For these purposes fit brackets, screws or brackets. The best option is considered spike connection.
  5. On horizontal beams mounted transverse crossbar. To make the construction durable, nails should be used, nailing them "on the oblique."

The appearance of the structure depends on individual preferences. So, the side parts can be sheathed with thin slats to get a trellis view. A gable or flat roof is installed on top, and in the first case it is recommended to mount the ridge.

To transform or decorate a garden plot, it is enough to place several arches or pergolas. These simple designs are easy to do with your own hands, using any wood. Finished buildings are woven over with climbers, which looks very attractive.