Choosing a decorator: olga osnach

Olga Osnach tells about the Dhialma kitchen from Marchi Group

Passing the gallery

Leading headings: Elena Efremova

Magazine: Decor N11 (111) 2006

Olga Osnach: "this kitchen, in it captivates the paradox of ideas - an elegant facade and deliberately brutal work with metal (welding seams become a decorative element). The kitchen is made of solid walnut; the aging of the facades is done by hand; an alloy of tin, silver and nickel is used for washing, table tops and hoods The kitchen will not only fit the English style and Provence style, but will also “sound” even against the backdrop of a concrete loft wall painted with graffiti. ”

Kitchen Dhialma (1084160 rubles), Marchi Groupsalon "Garnet"