Guests from lombardy

On December 8, in the Moscow salon Olsar (Leningradsky Prospect, 24), a presentation was held on the novelties of furniture factories in Lombardy

Passing the gallery

Lead headings: Nikolay Fedyanin

Magazine: N4 (104) 2006

December 8 in the Moscow salon Olsar (Leningradsky Prospect, 24) there was a presentation of new products from furniture factories of Lombardy The Lombardy region with the capital of Milan is the industrial center of Italy. Here they make the most different furniture - from the pompous baroque-gilded classics PAOLO LUCCHETTA and more restrained in style, closer, rather, to the Empire, than to the baroque classics of GORLA ARREDAMENTI to the ultra-modern objects VISMARA DESIGN. The things that Pino Vismara creates are a combination of luxury and minimalism - for example, the designer decided to cover the wall stand of The Wall cinema with gold leaf.