Autumn in milan

Macef Interior Design Exhibition

Passing the gallery

Text: Julia Sakharova

A photo: - from the archives of the press services

Materials prepared: Karina Sargsyan

Magazine: N1 (134) 2009

In September, an exhibition of interior design Macef was held in Milan. Furniture, lamps, porcelain, textiles - which was not there!

The first impression of Macef: a lot of bright, a lot of East-exotic, a lot of gold. Here and flowers in the spirit of Gauguin's painting (with his "Tahitian" palette), here and Chinese motifs, here and objects entirely covered in gold, starting from console tables and ending with wall clocks and vases. Since the whole gilded object may seem too heavy, the designers facilitate its shape: the furniture is made thin and graceful, and a part of the volume is simply “taken out” of the vase, so that a hole is made in the middle. This vase is created at the junction with another trend, which can be described as "unexpected and funny." The opposite trend is “gentle.” Here draw attention to the lace vases and lamps. There are decorated with these laces, there are imitating them. There are laces cut from a thin metal sheet made of plastic; dark and light crystal, selected in one lamp so that the pattern resembled lace.