Beautiful gazebos with barbecue to give

Creating a gazebo with a barbecueTo make your stay in the country house really enjoyable, you should think about building a gazebo with a barbecue. This construction of wood or brick is a kind of canopy, under which there is a table, several chairs or benches, as well as the brazier itself. Additionally installed small walls that protect guests from wind and rain.


  • 1 Barbecue arbor designs
  • 2 Independent creation of an arbor
    • 2.1 Important nuances
  • 3 Choice of brazier

Barbecue arbor designs

Photo gazebos with barbecue or barbecue are often found on the Internet. Thanks to these pictures it is possible to get acquainted with various design options, constructed from various materials, including wood and brick. The first option allows you to create a gazebo very quickly and without much financial cost. If, however, you choose a brick construction project, then unfavorable external factors will really be fine. To achieve the same result in the first case, it is worth treating the wood with special compounds.

Arbor is considered quite simple and easy construction. Accordingly, it does not need a special primer. Nevertheless, you should think about the organization of the foundation. That he will make the design more stable and durable.

According to most projects, the facility must have podium with porch, as well as a cutting table and grill. There are other options:

  • a gazebo with a compact brazier, a table and several chairs or a bench;
  • open version without walls, which is suitable only for summer pastime;
  • capital building, where there is a separate area with a barbecue and a place to relax.

Independent creation of an arbor

How to build a gazebo with barbecueFirst of all, it is important to determine the type of construction and choose a suitable place for it on the site. The best option is the location near the house. However, it is worth considering the fact that in the process of frying meat, smoke can get into the dwelling. If the territory has a garden or a small pond, then it is necessary to build a structure here. In the photo, gazebos with barbecues under the trees or by the pond look very beautiful.

The next stage involves foundation building. It can be both columnar and tape. The choice of a particular option depends on the total weight of the structure. If you plan to build a gazebo of brick or natural stone, then only a strip foundation will do. The column type is designed for lighter structures made of wood or metal.

For the independent construction of the arbor will require several tools:

  • jigsaw
  • Sander;
  • frezer;
  • stameska;
  • hammer;
  • shovel.

In some cases, additionally can be used welding machinejointing machine, as well as Bulgarian.

Important nuances

To build a beautiful and functional construction in the country from brick or woodIt is important to stick to the chosen project and remember a few recommendations.

  • Construction and arrangement of arborsWhen choosing a place, it is worth considering the location of power lines and gas pipelines. You also need to make sure that there are no shrubs next to the barbecue, otherwise there may be a fire.
  • It should be remembered that the height of the foundation should exceed the level of melt water. Due to this, it will be possible to extend the life of the structure made of wood.
  • It is important to ensure that the base of the furnace is not affected by moisture. In addition, it is recommended to prepare a small shed, which would protect the barbecue from precipitation. Naturally, such an element of construction must be taken into account even at the stage of drawing up a draft of an arbor.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the size calculation. So, there should be enough space for several people. Moreover, there should be at least 1 m of free space around the barbecue or barbecue. This requirement complies with fire safety regulations.
  • To prevent water from accumulating inside the gazebo during the rain, you should lay the floor with a slight incline from the place where the barbecue is. 2-4 ° will be enough.
  • For the masonry of the furnace it is better to take a special composition, which is not afraid of high temperatures. Also fireclay clay and fire-resistant mix will approach.
  • If construction of a brick structure is planned, it is important to pre-soak the material. This will facilitate the cutting process.
  • We should also mention the dimensions of the furnace itself. They depend directly on the functionality. It is important to remember that the bulky construction will have a significant load, which means that you will need a reinforced foundation. Some craftsmen recommend the use of a removable grill and other elements, including a grill and a smoke box.
  • To avoid the formation of a significant amount of soot in the gazebo, a well-equipped smoke collector area will help. Over the brazier is set the similarity of the roof. If desired, it can be treated with acrylic varnish. If you plan to prepare food for a large company, you should take care of the presence of a blower, which will provide intensive burning.
  • As a rule, the furnace is made in accordance with the size of the skewers.

Some people prefer a portable version of the brazier, because it takes up less space and does not create a special load. Naturally, when using this option, it is important to constantly remember about fire safety. In any case, it is customary to install barbecue in the northern part of the gazebo.

The shape and size of the barbecue directly depend on personal preferences and financial capabilities. Most often, people choose a simple design, decorated with intricate forged elements.

Arbor with barbecue – это не только украшение любой дачи, но и лучшее место для отдыха. Выполнить такую конструкцию можно из разных материалов, включая кирпич, камень и дерево. Во время строительства важно помнить о защите мангала и других элементов от воздействия влаги и возможного возгорания.