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In this article you will find many interesting descriptions and tips on choosing computer, writing, kitchen tables, photo examples of their use in the interior, as well as learn a huge number of advantages of buying furniture from the Dutch company Ikea. 

The content of the article
  • Advantages of Ikea furniture
  • Choosing a table for the kitchen
    • Simple dining table
    • Folding table
    • Bar table
  • Choosing a table in the living room
    • Coffee table
    • Stuffed table
    • Console table
  • Choosing a table in the bedroom
    • Dressing table
  • Choosing a workplace
    • Computer desk
    • Desk
  • More photos in the interior

Advantages of Ikea furniture

When purchasing home furniture, we all want it to be safe, aesthetic and durable. If it is a workplace, it should be comfortable and functional. If it is a kitchen worktop, it must withstand years of intensive use. If this is a table for the living room, it should correspond to the rest of the room furnishing and allow to place all that I want to have on hand - a book or a cup of coffee. Yes, and none of us is no stranger to the economy, we want the price of furniture to match its quality and our budget. Optimally these requirements correspond to the Dutch furniture from the company Ikea.

  • Ikea is the ultimate functionality! Tables from Ikea have a lot of functional add-ins, shelves and structures that allow you to place the maximum number of items on it, while leaving enough space for user actions.
  • Ikea is compact! Ikea furniture is so well thought out that it is suitable for any place in the house, will be in any corner, niche, etc., will allow you to optimally use the space without cluttering it.
  • Ikea is a huge choice! Perhaps there is not a single company in the world offering such a wide range of home furniture. In the Ikea catalog you can find the most intense line of tables for the house of various colors, models and styles from modern high-tech to the original Scandinavian classics.
  • Ikea is the integrity of the concept! Ikea products perfectly harmonize with each other, so you can easily create organic stylish furniture ensembles, combining tables, cabinets and upholstered furniture.
  • Ikea is an environmentally friendly material and safe construction!
  • Ikea - it's affordable prices!

Of course, not to mention the shortcomings of furniture from Ikea.

  • The main principle of Ikea is simplicity, so if you are looking for furniture of elaborate forms, for example, a solid table made of solid wood with carved legs, you will hardly like the furniture of this company;
  • Ikea furniture is produced in huge batches, so we can not talk about its exclusivity. If you want something unique, it is better to purchase furniture to order according to an individual sketch;
  • The price issue is also not entirely straightforward. Rarely cheap is of high quality, and although the furniture from Ikea has quite affordable prices, yet the most budgetary lines are unlikely to last more than 5 years. It is better to choose more expensive furniture Ikea, and then there will be no question about its durability.

Here, perhaps, the main arguments "for" and "against" for the purchase of furniture of this company, in which direction the scale will fall, you decide.

But remember that Ikea is a truly proven brand in the global market as a representative of original, stylish, high-quality, functional, safe and inexpensive furniture.

Tables IKEA in the interior 01

Ikea tables in the interior 02

Ikea tables in the interior 03

Ikea tables in the interior 04

Ikea tables in the interior 05

Ikea tables in the interior 06

Original tables from IKEA 01

Original tables from Ikea 02

Original tables from IKEA 03

Original tables from IKEA 03

Original tables from Ikea 04

Original tables from Ikea 06

Let's now look at how to choose a good table for each room in the house.

Choosing a table for the kitchen

When choosing a work surface for a kitchen or dining room, we want it to be in harmony with the facades of kitchen cabinets, tiles and the overall interior, durable and retain their salable appearance after all the kitchen “tests”, including ingress of fat, high temperatures and high humidity. This is a general requirement for all types of countertops, now let's look at which one is right for you.

Kitchen table

Simple dining table

Determining the size and shape of the table, you should be guided by 2 main criteria - the place where it will be delivered, and what family it will be designed for. 

CriterionRequirements depending on the number of people in the familyRequirements depending on the place in the kitchen

Table size

The tabletop should allow you to safely place at least 4 people (i.e. approximately 60 cm each). For 6 or more people more suitable folding transforming table.

The optimum width of the table top is 80-100 cm - it is convenient for serving, does not obstruct access to dishes and does not clutter up the place in the kitchen. 
Table shape

A round table, as a rule, is designed for no more than 8 people (this would make access to food difficult), and even better for 4 people. Its optimum diameter is 135 cm.

An alternative to a round table is an oval or rectangular table, it will accommodate more people. 

A round table due to the absence of sharp corners adds to the “airiness” of the kitchen, but it does not suit every type of room.

More versatile - a table with right angles - can be placed in the center of the room and against the wall.

Be sure to remember to take into account the place of chairs when seating guests and family members - this is about 70 cm from the edge of the tabletop.

Dining table 01

Dining table 02

Dining table 03

Dining table 04

Dining table 05

Dining table 06

Folding table

A folding table or a transforming table allows you to kill two birds with one stone - save space in the kitchen and, if necessary, accommodate a sufficient number of guests (even more than 8 people). The table-book from Ikea is assembled and disassembled within a couple of seconds, and all the supports are conveniently removed inside the table when it is in assembled condition.

Transforming table 01

Transforming table 02

Transforming table 03

Transforming table 04

Transforming table from Ikea 05

Bar table

A bar kitchen table is not a familiar kitchen attribute, but a great alternative to a kitchen table in a very small kitchen. Of course, it will not allow to place more than 4-5 people, but you will have a place to turn around during cooking. It can be made in the classic rectangular, round or comfortable oval. The location can also be different - parallel to the kitchen headset, adjacent to it, at the window sill, at the opposite wall, i.e. as best he will use the free space in the kitchen.

The material of any dining table should be moisture-resistant, easily washable, resistant to high temperatures (for example, from hot plates or cups), durable. Ideal - a solid wood, more budget MDF or laminated chipboard. Glass, although visually looking in the interior is lighter and more weightless than wood, for the kitchen is quite a picky material that requires regular maintenance.

Bar table 1

Bar table 2

Bar table 3

Choosing a table in the living room

Console, attached or coffee tables facilitate our rest in the living room, allowing you to keep everything you need at hand. And if you also equip them with drawers and shelves, they will become a good additional place to store magazines, disks and other trifles.

Coffee table

Here are some facts about Ikea coffee tables that will help you make a choice in favor of a particular model:

  • The height of the table and the width of the table top are in direct relation - the lower the table, the longer or wider it is and vice versa. So tola model looks aesthetic.
  • If the mobility of the table is priority, for example, it is used as a serving, then it is better to buy models on wheels.
  • If in addition to a cup of coffee, you want to put on a table and a laptop, it is better to check with the seller the maximum load of the table.
  • Glass furniture Ikea is in special demand because it is made of extremely durable glass, which is not so easy to break. Plus, a glass coffee table looks weightless and does not clutter up space, which will look very advantageous in the living room.
  • Some models are equipped with shelves and magazine racks, which greatly facilitates the storage of small items.

And one more little interior trick. Some models of Ikea coffee tables can turn into full-fledged dining tables for a large number of people.

Coffee table from Ikea 1

Coffee tableик от Икеа 2

Coffee tableик от Икеа 3

Coffee table from Ikea 4

Coffee table from Ikea 5

Coffee table from Ikea 6

Stuffed table

The original development of the company Ikea. Unlike a coffee table, the attached table is much smaller in size and will make it possible to put only a book or a small breakfast tray. Yet it is a fairly convenient alternative to a bedside table, allowing you to keep the necessary detail on hand. It can be used as a serving table, for example, for serving breakfast directly to bed.

Cupboard by Ikea 01

Cupboard by Ikea 02

Stuffed tableик от Икеа 03

Side Table by Ikea 04

Stuffed tableик от Икеа 05

Side Table by Ikea 06

Console table

The console table is a compact and versatile combination of a bedside table, dressing table and shelving unit. The console is at the same time a pedestal for paintings, souvenirs and stylish accessories and a table for storing different stuff. It can be placed at the back of the sofa, where it will be convenient to put the phone or an unfinished cup of tea, or against the wall, where with a large mirror and a desk lamp it will turn into a wonderful dressing table.

Console table from Ikea 01

Console tableик от Икеа 02

Console table from Ikea 03

Choosing a table in the bedroom

A table in the bedroom can be used in two cases - as a bedside table or as a dressing table. The first option is similar to the pinned and console table described above, so we will not dwell on it. Disassemble more dressing table.

Sample table in bedroom 1

Sample table in bedroom 2

Sample table in bedroom 3

Dressing table

Ladies' or dressing table is simply indispensable in the bedroom of any modern woman. This is a place where you can apply makeup, make hair and place numerous cosmetic jars and bottles. The range of Ikea dressing tables is very large, it is:

  • The usual classic tables (console) with a mirror fixed on the wall and built-in drawers and shelves;
  • Trellis - with a 3-pointed mirror fixed in the center and changing on the sides;
  • Piercer - with huge full-length mirrors or a folding mirror attached to the descending table top.

The choice of model depends on your preferences and free space in the bedroom. If it is not so large, it is better to hang a large mirror on the wall, so you will visually increase the area of ​​the room and be able to place more cosmetics on the table top. It would be nice to take care of good lighting. Again, if space is limited, use wall lights or LED lights.

Dressing table Ikea 01

Dressing table Икеа 02

Dressing table Ikea 03

Dressing table Ikea 04

Dressing table Икеа 05

An example of an excellent IKEA dressing table can be found here:

Workplace from Ikea 2

Workplace from Ikea 3

Workplace from Ikea 4

Workplace from Ikea 5

Computer desk

The main thing you need to pay attention to when buying a computer desk is:

  • Adequate space for installing the monitor (it should be at a safe distance from the eyes - 60-70 cm) and a niche for the system unit;
  • The possibility of placing a computer headset - speakers, printer, etc .;
  • The convenience of placing the keyboard - perhaps it will be a sliding panel, then make sure that it is stable and in the correct position - in the solar plexus area.
  • The functionality of the table - the presence of racks, shelves, drawers, etc.
  • Location in the room - for small rooms it will be more convenient to have an angular computer desk, for large ones - both angular and rectangular.

By the way, how to check if the table suits you? In a sitting position, place your hands on the tabletop. If the table is your height, your shoulders will be in a natural position - not lowered too low and not raised too high.


The choice of a desk is not much different from the choice of a computer. It is also important to take into account the functionality and convenience, and the possibility of optimal installation in the room. Some prefer the synthesis of a computer and a desk, i.e. a desk with a niche for a monitor or a computer desk with a sliding panel for writing.

The only significant difference between the desk in the size of the tabletop. The user not only has to comfortably fit himself at the table, but also spread out notebooks and textbooks. Here is a complete list of the requirements that you must apply to the design of the table.

Table height Determined in a sitting position. If the elbow of your extended arm below the table top is about 5 cm, you will find the perfect table for your height.
Worktop widthMinimum 60 cm. Optimal - 80-100 cm length, 70-80 cm width, if you need to ensure a safe distance from the monitor screen. The legs under the table top should also feel comfortable 15-20 cm from the knees to the table.

For more information about the correct choice of workplace can be found here:

Photo tables Ikea in the interior 02

Photos of tables Ikea in the interior 03

Photos of tables Ikea in the interior 04

Photos of tables Ikea in the interior 05

Photos of tables Ikea in the interior 06

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 1

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 2

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 3

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 4

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 5

Examples of decorating a room with furniture from Ikea 6

Original interior ideas Ikea 01

Original interior ideas Ikea 02

Original interior ideas Ikea 03

Original interior ideas Ikea 04

Original interior ideas Ikea 05

Original interior ideas Ikea 06

The original table in the living room

Be sure to read about how to choose a kitchen from Ikea!