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A wide variety of cribs: for newborns, from 3 years to 6 years, for schoolchildren and teenagers! The best photos are selected especially for you!

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  • In general: how to choose a crib?
  • Types of single beds
    • For the little ones
    • Classic bed
    • Bed with drawers
    • Bed with changing table
    • Rocking bed
    • Bed arena
    • Transforming bed
  • Bunk beds
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    • Bed + sofa
  • Bed depending on the age of the child
    • Baby cradle
    • Crib up to three years
    • From 3 to 5th
    • Bed for schoolchildren and teenagers
  • Beds for boys, girls and several children
    • For girls
    • For boys
    • For two same-sex children
    • For two children of different sexes
  • Cot in the parents' bedroom

The area for rest and sleep is the most important element in the bedroom for children. It is here that the child will gain strength for the next busy day, recover from his illness, or simply rest after an active game. Each age has its own needs, so buying a single bed from the first days until the majority will not work.

In general: how to choose a crib?

Despite the significant differences between the teenage bed and the crib for a newborn baby, there are a number of general requirements for children's furniture that must be met by a sleeping bed, regardless of the child’s gender and age:

  • Material for the manufacture of children's beds must be natural! Despite the apparent attractiveness of polymers, give preference to wood. An adult child will spend about a third of his time in bed, and a small one will spend from 12 to 16 hours depending on age. That is why the naturalness of the materials is more important than ever.
  • It is better to give preference to polished wood. Otherwise, the varnishes and paints with which the cot is covered MUST be certified.
  • At any age, in order to avoid injuries, a children's bed should not have sharp corners.
  • The bed for the child should be steady. Rocking chairs and wheels on beds will be useful only in the first months of life, while the child has not yet begun to actively move and is not able to rock the bed strongly. From about 7-8 months (and in some cases from 5), the legs of the bed should be firmly fixed.

Types of single beds

For the little ones

The very first beds are designed for approximately three to four years. As a rule, they have protective sides so that the baby does not fall out. Many beds are adapted to attach a toy-mobile or a protective canopy to them (which is very important in areas where there are a lot of insects - the children's body reacts to their bites with a very strong allergic reaction).

In order for the child not to fall out of bed and not be stuck between the bars, the distance between them should be 4 centimeters. But for safety it is better to additionally use a protective bumper.

Bed for the little ones - 1

Bed for the little ones - 2

Bed for the little ones - 3

Bed for the little ones - 4

Bed for the little ones - 5

Bed for the little ones - 6

Baby bed-cradle - 1

Baby bed - cradle - 2

Classic bed

The classical children's bed is a rectangular berth on four legs. Nothing fancy, just like adults. The only distinguishing feature is size. Of course, in order to save for the child, you can buy an adult single bed on which he can sleep for years. However, experts still recommend choosing a bed suitable for the baby’s height, so that it does not experience psychological discomfort - the bed should be comfortable, not frighteningly huge. And less likely that the bed will have time to get bored. And modern furniture designers for children make classic children's beds extraordinary and arrange them in accordance with the interests of children of different sex and age.

Children's bed classic - 1

Children's bed classic - 2

Children's bed classic - 3

Children's bed classic - 4

Children's bed classic - 5

Children's bed classic - 6

Children's bed classic - 7

In addition to these two main types of beds, there are many modifications.

Bed with drawers

These beds are suitable for not very large spaces, because the drawers are additional space for storage. Of course, you can store anything there. But most often drawers are used to store baby bedding and blankets or toys.

Consider that there are no limits to children's curiosity, therefore, sooner or later, the child will begin to look in this box.

Baby bed with drawers - 1

Baby bed with drawers - 2

Baby bed with drawers - 3

Baby bed with drawers - 4

Baby bed with drawers - 5

Baby bed with drawers - 6

Bed with changing table

For swaddling babies, many parents buy a special changing chest. However, a more compact way of organizing the space of a newborn's room can be a cot with an integrated changing table. This will save space, money and efforts of the mother, because if the baby falls asleep during the evening massage, it will not be difficult to shift it. In the future, changing table can be used as a bedside table.

Bed-pelenator - 1

Bed-pelenator - 2

Bed-pelenator - 3

Bed-pelenator - 4

Bed-pelenator - 5

Bed-pelenator - 6

Rocking bed

In the first months of life, little babies often wake up and need to be swayed. A great solution for moms and dads can be a bed with rocking chairs. When choosing this type of bed, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Swing should be smooth, so that the baby falls asleep and does not twitch with each tug.
  • There should be no squeaks and noises during the swing
  • It’s better not to use rocking chairs after six or seven months, therefore a fixing mechanism is required

Modern manufacturers of children's furniture offer cribs not only with a mechanical (manual) swing, but also with an automatic one, that is, when the bed swings without help.

Rocking bed - 1

Rocking bed - 2

Rocking-bed - 3

Rocking-bed - 4

Rocking-bed - 5

Rocking bed - 6

Bed arena

This is another type of crib for the little ones, the essence of which is to combine space for sleeping and for games. Unlike traditional ones, they significantly reduce the risk that a baby will get stuck somewhere with a pen or a leg. But not all designs are stable, so when the child starts to stand on the legs, there is a chance that the playpen can roll over. To avoid this, choose robust and stable structures with extra legs.

Bed arena - 1

Bed arena - 2

Bed arena - 3

Bed arena - 4

Bed arena - 5

Transforming bed

In spite of the price, which is much higher in comparison with ordinary beds, the transformer will significantly save your finances in the future, having purchased such a bed once, you will provide your child with a high-quality and comfortable sleeping place for many years. In infancy, these beds are equipped with protective sidewalls that can be removed with age. Changing table can be used as a separate bedside table or even a desk. In more adult models the possibility of the ergonomic organization of a working zone or an additional berth is provided.

Rambling about the charms of transformers can be a long time, but it is better to see once. Here is a photo of the most popular models.

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Transforming bed - 1

Transforming bed - 2

Transforming bed - 3

Transforming bed - 4

Transforming bed - 5

Transforming bed - 6

Bunk bed with desk - 2

Bunk bed with desk - 3

Bunk bed with desk - 4

Bunk bed with desk - 5

Bunk bed with desk - 6

Bed + table - 1

Bed + table - 2

Bed + table - 3

Bed + wardrobe

The children's case combined with a bed will become not only the place for storage of things of the child, but also an additional support for a berth. Instead of the usual stairs for such a bed, you can use the dresser in the form of steps. Then some of the things will be hung on hangers in the closet, and some (panty hoses, t-shirts, underwear) will be beautifully stored in drawers.

Children's bed with a wardrobe - 1

Children's bed with a wardrobe - 2

Baby bed with a wardrobe - 3

Baby bed with built-in wardrobe - 4

Children's bed with a wardrobe - 5

Children's bed with a built-in wardrobe - 6

Baby bed with a wardrobe - 7

Baby bed with built-in wardrobe - 8

Bed + sofa

Even if you have one child, the sofa in the room will not be superfluous. On the one hand, the bed will be used only for sleeping, and the baby will be able to play on the sofa (which will significantly facilitate the washing of baby bedding). On the other hand, the sofa can always be used as an extra place to sleep in case you have a friend at night or a cousin who has come to visit.

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 1

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 2

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 3

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 4

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 5

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 6

Baby bed with built-in sofa - 7

Bed depending on the age of the child

All ages are submissive to sleep, or let's understand what is needed at each age.

Baby cradle

This is the very first cot. The cradles are usually tiny, which allows the newborn to feel as familiar and comfortable as possible.

After spending nine months in the cramped space of the womb, the babies of the first months of life on an empty and huge bed feel unprotected and abandoned. That is why the cradle manufacturers make them so small.

The cradles are designed for the fact that the baby constantly needs to be rocked. Therefore, they are:

  • Suspended
  • With rocking chairs
  • On wheels

In a special plastic cradle with transparent sides, it will be interesting for a baby to explore the world around, to watch parents, to comprehend everything around. However, at night it is better to use either another cradle, with opaque walls, so that the baby does not get frightened by fancy shadows and outlines of objects in the dark, or curtain transparent walls with a diaper.

In the cradle there is only one major drawback: the children of them grow up very quickly. This is especially true for large kids. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase either a crib up to 3-4 years old which is equipped with an additional cradle or use a portable unit or a so-called “bag for a newborn” instead of a cradle, which today are included in the standard equipment of baby strollers.

Cradle - 1

Cradle - 2

Cradle - 3

Cradle - 4

Cradle - 5

Cradle - 6

Cradle - 7

Crib up to three years

Such a bed should have protective sides, since up to three years the kids sleep rather restlessly. However, in the side should be provided the possibility that when the child learns to walk confidently, he can get out of the crib himself. The easiest way to achieve this is to remove 2-3 slats.

If you purchase a crib with height-adjustable sidewalls, be sure to make sure that the baby cannot move them on its own.

Cot up to 3 years - 1

Cot up to 3 years - 2

Crib up to 3 years - 3

Crib up to 3 years - 4

From 3 to 5th

Since the age of 3 years with sides, you can say goodbye, because it is at this age that the child begins to show the first conscious independence. Especially important is the freedom of movement in the period of training to the pot. But if a child sleeps restlessly, you should not give up bumpers altogether - they may be small at the top of the bed.

Bed from 3 to 5 years - 1

Bed from 3 to 5 years - 2

Bed from 3 to 5 years - 3

Bed for schoolchildren and teenagers

At school age (from 5 years old), the child no longer has any special needs (like, for example, motion sickness), so the basic requirements for beds for this age are:

  • Durable materials
  • Sustainable accommodation
  • High-quality mattress

But most importantly - the bed should bring joy to its owner!

From six to twelve years old beds can be fancy shapes and colors.

Bed for schoolchild - 1

Bed for schoolchild - 2

Bed for the student - 3

Bed for student - 4

Bed for schoolchild - 5

Bed for schoolchild - 6

For a teenager who is growing rapidly, it is better to buy a bed “for growth”, because you can never be sure when exactly your child will become a two-meter handsome.

Modern teenage furniture is not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Check with your child, perhaps he has his own wishes or interesting ideas about the design of a bed.

Beds for boys, girls and several children

For girls

In the room for girls the bed in light shades will look harmoniously: white, peach, pink.

Bed for girls - 1

Bed for girls - 2

Bed for girls - 3

Bed for girls - 4

Bed for girls - 5

For boys

In the room for boys, it is appropriate to use such colors as dark beige, blue, gray, green, ebony.

Bed for boys - 1

Bed for boys - 2

Bed for boys - 3

Bed for boys - 4

Bed for boys - 5

Preferred bed styles

For boys

For girls

Great thing








For two same-sex children

In the room where there are two children of the same floor, you can beat the design of beds, doing them like a ship's cabin or cabin and car body. As a rule, the interests of same-sex brothers or sisters are in many ways similar.

Beds for two same-sex children - 1

Beds for two same-sex children - 2

Beds for two same-sex children - 3

Beds for two same-sex children - 4

For two children of different sexes

Due to the physiological and psychological characteristics of heterosexual children, it is desirable that their sleeping places should be separated. However, you can make the beds in a common theme for both children or in the same style, but in different colors.

Beds for two children of different sexes - 1

Beds for two children of different sexes - 2

Beds for two children of different sexes - 3

Beds for two children of different sexes - 4

Beds for two children of different sexes - 5

Cot in the parents' bedroom

Very often there is a need to organize a dormitory for the child and his parents. When the baby is very tiny, his bed can be placed close to the parent bed, having previously lowered one sidewall. At a later age, it is still better for the child to sleep separately.

For newborns, just a stunning option of a berth - a cradle combined with a rocking chair. It allows you to rock even the most active baby and significantly save the strength of the mother.

Cot in the parents' bedroom - 1

Cot in the parents' bedroom - 2

Cot in the parents' bedroom - 3

Cot in the parents' bedroom - 4