Brick diy barbecue

Brick barbecueWho among us does not like to eat freshly prepared meat or vegetables barbecue in the open air? Unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to go on a picnic or to the nearest restaurant for this delicacy. Therefore, the best way out of this situation is to build your own brick barbecue. In addition to directly their culinary duties, a barbecue will perfectly decorate the courtyard of your home, and make it more comfortable.


  • 1 Barbecue selection
  • 2 Preparatory work
    • 2.1 Choosing a place
    • 2.2 Foundation
    • 2.3 Brick selection and mortar preparation
  • 3 Barbecue construction
  • 4 Opportunities and precautions
  • 5 Caring for barbecue

Barbecue selection

Barbecue is an outdoor oven of impressive sizes for cooking various dishes. It has different designs and modifications, but does not have one “only true” project, so everything depends on your imagination. Most a budget option - it is directly oven with woodpile. Even a newbie mason will be able to master its construction, but if you want something more sophisticated, then you better think - can you do it? You can add a sink and a tabletop, a chimney, a kitchen, a self-made smokehouse, a shed and a veneer with a natural stone, or maybe all together, to the basic version making a universal oven. It all depends on the flight of your thoughts, the area of ​​the yard, and of course finance.

Preparatory work

Barbecue schemeBefore the immediate construction, you need to prepare a drawing. You will have to create it yourself or with the help of a master, since it will be built for you individually, taking into account your needs. When designing it is necessary to consider that the grill must be located not less than 70 cm from the ground, and the oven itself is slightly lower by 12–15 cm. Also consider in advance where all the auxiliary tools and devices will be located so that during the cooking process there is no inconvenience.

After the drawing is ready, calculate amount of material needed and go shopping for it. You will need cement, brick, sand, clay, and additional elements, depending on which modification you chose.

Choice of place

By purchasing all the materials and with the finished drawing, you can proceed to the choice of location because barbecue can not be placed anywhere. The main criterion when choosing a place is fire safety, therefore it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • the stove must be installed away from buildings, especially wooden - bath, shed, house, arbor etc.;
  • there should be no trees, shrubs or wooden fences nearby;
  • Determine from which side the wind blows more on your site so that no sparks are blown onto your buildings or neighbors

After choosing a place, you can begin to install the foundation.


It would seem, why do you need to build a foundation for the furnace? And the fact is that even in appearance small construction it can weigh about a ton, and when the ground drops below it, then you will understand why the foundation was needed.

For the foundation you are perfectly suited to the usual strip foundation. The work plan is as follows:

  1. Foundation для барбекюTrench is digging according to the perimeter of the building. Its depth is about 30−40 cm - this will be quite enough.
  2. At the bottom of the trench lay a layer of gravel and rubble, which is then carefully tamped and watered.
  3. Farther to the bottom fitting is installed in the form of a grid (it will be enough rods in diameter of 6 mm). This will create a kind of "pillow" for the foundation.
  4. Make a formwork and you can pour concrete. Use concrete grades no lower than 300.

As soon as you poured concrete, give it dry up and gain a foothold and do not forget to moisten it from time to time so that it does not crack. If you use special hardeners, then it will be necessary to wait for 2–3 days, and without them it is recommended to wait about 30 days.

Brick selection and mortar preparation

All the necessary material can be purchased in advance or at a time when the concrete will get stronger, but you still have to do it. And the choice of bricks is probably one of most important events.

No matter what kind of stove you planned to build, you will need at least two types of bricks - fireproof and facing.

In the role of a refractory brick, chamotte is ideal - it contains a large percentage of clay and withstands well any temperature drops. For facing any type of brick you like will suit, but it is advisable to pay attention to the strength of the material.

After the brick is purchased, it is necessary prepare a solution for its styling. The solution will also need two types - clay and cement. Clay will be needed for refractory bricks and you will need red clay, cement, water and sand. The technology of its preparation differs from the cement one, but it cannot be called complex:

  1. After this period, mix the clay with water and stir until it turns into a homogeneous mass, the consistency of jelly.
  2. Add to the resulting mass a little sifted sand and 1/10 cement mark 200. Mix.
  3. Let us check the thickness of the solution: we scoop a little of the solution and tilt it at an angle of 45 °. If the solution slips, then it is ready.

Cement Mortar Prepares using familiar technology - mix cement (mark 200) and the sifted sand.

Barbecue construction

Barbecue layingNow that all materials and solutions are ready, and the foundation is solid as the defense of the German national football team, you can proceed directly to the construction. It should be carried out in this order - a pedestal, a furnace and a chimney.

The first on the list is a pedestal, as a rule, with built in woodpile. The height is chosen individually under the owner, but usually varies about 70 cm, and the table top is made in such a volume that the stock of firewood enough for 2−3 firebox. We build a pedestal, according to the drawing, using ordinary or facing bricks on a pre-prepared cement mortar.

Next, go to the erection of the furnace itself. We take our refractory brick and stack it in two rows on a clay mortar. When laying, the edges of the brick should come forward by a third, since then they still have to lay out the facade with facing brick. The size of the firebox can be chosen according to your desire, but the optimal size is 3 bricks in depth and about 6 in width.

In conclusion, go to the construction of the chimney. Here we also use refractory bricks and clay mortar. Laying produce flat, and install the valve in the chimney and make a bend in the rear wall, the so-called "tooth", to improve traction.

The main work is completed, and now you can to be settled of all your whims. Formed cavities and voids can be sealed with facing bricks or decorative stones. The last option will look beautiful and will serve you for many years. You can also install a sink, cabinets and so on.

Opportunities and precautions

Brick barbecueWhile admiring the already ready-made handsome barbecue, the question immediately arises, what can be cooked on it and how? Mostly his used for frying and if more specifically, many, except for kebabs do not use it. But on this function, the barbecue is not limited, and you can use it for baking, boiling, parks and even for smoking, if you have a special smokehouse. To experience the whole range of possibilities of your new cooking friend, look for recipes for cooking food on the barbecue and you will be surprised how many of them there are.

But do not forget that when handling a barbecue, certain precautions should be observed:

  • do not use to kindle a fire kerosene or gasoline - it is extremely unsafe, for this there are special means;
  • do not soak firewood or coal with igniter - there are special liquids for this too;
  • The taste of your food depends on the quality of the fuel, so using not high-quality materials you can not only spoil the dinner, but also get poisoned.

Barbecue care

Your barbecue can keep a great view for a long time if you follow certain rules:

  1. Regularly clean the soothsayer from soot, coal and ash.
  2. Clean the hearth after each use.
  3. Before winter, remove removable metal parts in a room with minimum humidity to avoid rust.
  4. Do not forget to clean the chimney and the firebox from time to time; as a last resort, you can always choose a special service.
  5. Take care of your oven and she will thank you with delicious and freshly prepared food.

As you can see, making a personal barbecue in your yard is not that difficult. Sticking to a well-made drawing and stages of construction, without a brigade of workers you will do work that will delight you for a single year.