Nendo: light bulbs from the leaves

Designer Oki Sato (Oki Sato) and Nendo Studio presented a “paper lantern” - a lamp made from just one sheet of paper.

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Creating a model of Paper Torch, used technology developed by AgIC. The electronic board is printed with electrically conductive silver ink directly on the sheet of paper. The choice was stopped on Takeo's YUPO paper: a ballot paper was printed on this. It is durable and waterproof, and ink is well distributed on a smooth surface. Two buttons and seven LEDs were glued to the board with conductive glue.

You can adjust the intensity of the light by twisting the sheet in different ways: to add brightness, you need to roll it closer. After all, the shorter the path from the LED to the battery, the more intense the light. Depending on which side of the sheet it turns out to be outside, the shade of light changes - neutral white or warm orange. Using a stand with a holder-ring, the flashlight is easy to turn into a desk lamp. According to Oki Sato, Paper Torch will be able to help out with a lack of light in emergency situations and natural disasters.