Hansgrohe: even more pleasure in the soul

Every year, the German brand hansgrohe introduces inventions to the market that set the tone for the entire plumbing industry. New 2017 - new soul Raindance E and the central control RainSelect. All products are developed in collaboration with the bureau Phoenix Design.

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Over its history, the hansgrohe brand has made a significant contribution to redefining the role of the bathroom: transforming it from a technical room, a “washing point” into a luxury area and a home spa. Today, a must-have component of a luxurious bathroom is a spacious shower room, preferably open, with a multifunctional overhead shower. It is he who gives pleasant healing procedures, helps to cheer up in the morning and relax before bedtime.

When creating new showers Raindance E, the developers updated the Air technology, which mixes water with air and creates rain from large soft drops - the pleasure from the soul has become even greater, and the degree of splashing has decreased. The upper showers are distinguished by the original structure: in the center, the shower nozzles are located closer to each other, which creates a more powerful stream of water, suitable, for example, to wash off the shampoo from the hair. On the periphery - they are at a greater distance, giving a soft stream, which helps to relax.

The shower 30 x 30 cm with a wall mount is equipped with a new swivel flat holder, thanks to which the watering can can be fixed in one of five positions. Raindance E can also be installed on the ceiling: a shower disk with a size of 40x40 cm is mounted flush with its surface. Both models of watering cans are presented in the EcoSmart version, in which water consumption is limited to 9 l / min. It is worth remembering that saving water resources is one of the priorities of hansgrohe. It is this company that holds the world record: 3, 5 l / min in mixers from the Axor Starck Organic collection.

Upper shower Raindance E, hansgrohe. Phoenix Design.

The Showerpipe system combines overhead shower, flat shower holder and thermostat. For different types of installations, two dimensional versions are provided. The surfaces of the Showerpipe and the thermostat are covered with high-quality glass. The length of the thermostat reaches 60 cm, which allows it to play the role of a shelf for shampoo and other shower accessories. The hand shower holder is adjustable in height and angle of tilt, which makes the product particularly convenient.

The second novelty of 2017 - RainSelect: a convenient, intuitive control of overhead showers. Wide - 7 x 7 cm - buttons help you easily turn on and off the water, choose the right type of jet. As the designers say, it’s as convenient as using a light switch in a room. Two elegant handles control water pressure and temperature. Advantage: the control is based solely on the hansgrohe Select mechanical technology. It is more reliable and unassuming than electronic. This know-how hansgrohe won prestigious designer awards.

Control Panel RainSelect, hansgrohe. Phoenix Design.

The RainSelect panel only slightly protrudes against the wall, which leaves space for the freedom of movement of one who stands in the shower. The slim silhouette of the panel gives the shower a neat look. Four models for the shower and one for the bath. A waterproof and soundproof hidden part is available for all RainSelect kits. There are three options for finishing: with white or black glass or - more traditional - in chrome.

More information about the new products of 2017 is available on the hansgrohe website.