Expensive-rich: 9 secrets of luxurious interior

Whatever your budget for repairs, I want the result to exceed all expectations.

We want to introduce you to the 9 main secrets of how to make your interior luxurious and gorgeous with minimal costs.

The content of the article
  • Natural materials
  • Furniture accents
  • Status decor
  • Deep colors
  • Multi-layered textures
  • High ceilings
  • High-quality fittings
  • Mirrors
  • Cushions


Natural materials

All expensive interiors are used exclusively expensive and high-quality materials. If you have no such possibility - try to use materials as close to natural as in appearance and in quality.

Expensive interior design (natural materials) 1

Furniture accents

In each room there is the most important piece of furniture that focuses attention on itself. In the living room it is a sofa, in the bedroom there is a bed, in the kitchen there is a dining table. With a limited budget, it is worth investing in this item.

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Status decor

Instead of furniture “raisins” of the interior can be accessories - a picture of a fashion artist, an antique box, an unusual art object.

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Deep colors

Designer interiors are distinguished by bold and multifaceted color solutions instead of typical beige palettes. We told about the right combination of colors in the interior here.

Expensive interior design (color) 1

Multi-layered textures

In addition to color, designers love to play with textures of materials.

Expensive interior design (texture) 1

High ceilings

In expensive apartments ceilings are not low! Therefore, it is worth trying to raise them at least visually: with the help of vertical lines or curtains suspended from the ceiling itself.

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High-quality fittings

High-quality and beautiful fittings will help to make from ordinary furniture stylish and status.

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Mirrors very well help to visually expand the space. This is important because expensive apartments cannot be the size of a closet.

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Big and beautiful. Everything.

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