The flower of her secret

Handbags from flowers

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A photo: Dmitry Livshits

Leading headings: Dilara Muradova

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The choice of flowers for a holiday is a responsible matter. Roses will tell about your love, chamomile - about a sense of humor, and a handbag made of flowers - that, in addition to a tender heart and a sharp mind, you also have a fantasy. Rest assured ladies will appreciate it.

1. It is possible to pick up a handbag both under a dress, and under an interior. A strict handbag with greens and berries fits the evening dress and classic interior, the naive handbag made of dry hay with roses, the shepherd’s dress and the pastoral chalet, the handbag made of roses.

2. Handbag-ball - for girls with a sense of humor and for the interiors in which they live (among the things from the Parisian flea market and designer masterpieces, she also has a place). Sentimentality is not a vice. Remember this when picking up a handbag to the bridal gown and to the house in which you decided to spend your honeymoon. But the outfit in the spirit of British designers or the interior in fusion style is worth decorating with something more characteristic, for example, with a bag of fruits with the most diverse contents.