Plant with an interior

Plant "Russian Standard" near St. Petersburg

Passing the gallery

Materials: - as advertising

Project author: Willem Browner

Magazine: N4 (170) 2012

Дизайн-проект завода «Русский Стандарт» на Пулковском шоссе Санкт-Петербурга сделал знаменитый архитектор Willem Browner

The office building of the Russian Standard has two entrances. VIP entrance is designed as a rotunda. Three-level office space has a clear zoning. On the ground floor there is a lounge area, a reception area and an elevator with a glass transparent shaft. In the central part of the atrium is the company's logo, highlighted from the inside. The glass fencing of the second floor is made of frosted glass with a sandblasted pattern. The interior is dominated by the corporate colors of the “Russian Standard” - burgundy and gray. A white and black architect used to contrast and in order to emphasize the pompous beauty of this representative office.